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Found 9 results

  1. New To OD

    Just joined OD, looking forward to the good times. The good Baal runs and meeting some awesome people. Add me,message me.Gear me, lol SON(OD)
  2. need x10 Fire Skills / 40-44 Life GC

    hey guys if anyone can help me find Fire Skills / 40-44 Life GC or hook me up with a couple maybe i can trade something for it , i dont have much xtra items but im sure we can work something out :p Give me a shout in game Ladysheik(OD) add me up , pm me please , I am on every-night to HMU ! <3 ladysheik

    - I wanna send the challenge to everyone at OD ! , since they kicked me out of the clan I want the chance to get back in ! anyone who isnt scared to fight lets go meet me at odpk !

    I just wanna say a big thank to Moomoo & Pops for helping me from normal 2 hell in just a few mins , I was pretty impressed in how fast it went ! thank again guys for everything the information & the help - Ladysheik <3
  5. *NEW MEMBER - OD-LadySheik :)

    Hi guys I just wanna introduce myself LadySheik is the name , I just recently got back into diablo 2 Ive played back in the day about 10 years ago , I love this game & think its awesome ; Ive seen this clan around D2 a bit and got intrigued right away! So far I love the community & the people willing to help other so easily that amazing ! I hope with time & effort I can become somebody with importance to this clan , I willing to help anyone around with any question or anything related to D2 dont be shy just ask :) well that was my small intro for now thx guy . LadySheik sending out lots of love to all the OD members !
  6. Request God Builds/Setups Here

    Request God Builds/Setups in this thread please. If you are trying to learn a new God in Smite and need a build or general setup to help you get familiar with the God, just post which God you are trying to get help with and your Smite IGN. We will try to make a guide within a few days and post it here or contact you through TeamSpeak 3 or in-game and help you out more. Thanks for reading and have fun gaming! -Magik(OD)
  7. We need a motto.

    I have it, so here it is: The clan that jerks together, works together. Eh? EH? Great, huh?!? I'm pretty sure this is gonna get me in trouble, but I had to post it. You understand. Have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen.
  8. LoL Ranked Team?

    Hey everyone! I'm not exactly sure how squads/teams work, but I am an avid LoL player. And to all you other LoL players that are a part of this clan, I was just wondering if you wanted to put together an unofficial ranked team? My IGN is Rufioboy. I can play any position really. Just add me in game or post on here, and lets play some ranked! I like 3v3 and 5v5 as well.

    Hey guys, my name is Kyle Wallace, Im 22 years of age and live in the state of VA. Im a laid back guy who doesnt really give to many fucks, anit no body got time fo dat. I work just about everyday at a kick ass pizza shop thats just about as laid back as i am. Im here to try to rep for OD in the game League of Legends. I play every position but main BTM lane (ADC&Support). Im in Brozen DIV 3 but its diffidently not my skill area. I was gold in season 2 but because i didnt play for about 2 months they demoted me to silver. Im on just about everyday and would love to play with any of you just for fun. I not very good with introductions but i tired my best, i hope this doesnt come off as a bad impression. If you would like a better one, log on and come play with me.