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Found 17 results

  1. TerrorReid(OD)

    Glad to be here

    Thanks for the trail run hopefully i can make that cut!
  2. ActioNNNN(OD)


    Hello I'm ActioNNNN(OD) new to Overdosed, primarily play SC:R, CSGO & LoL. Look forward to future gaming :D
  3. Pestilence(OD)


    Hey there all! Thanks for the Invite to OD! Clan seems awesome , everyone I've met so far are wonderful people. Little bit about me then eh? Names Drew. Minnesota born and raised. Love sports, video games, game of thrones, any and all forms of gambling and entertainment. 10 years a bartender, Jack is one of my best friends! Thanks for reading, and again thanks for the welcome!
  4. MooMoo(OD)

    Hey there

    Hey there. This is Aaron a.k.a. MooMoo. Just saying Hi :)
  5. Moctezuma(OD)

    Hello im new to d2 as new to OD

    Hello, im new to d2 just quit d3 and started to d2 again. id like to meet new ppl and make new friends, so im open to everybody, thanks =)
  6. 1800(OD)

    Trial Member, Hi all bro's!

    Hi all, im a d2 player since 1999, retired in 2009, tried d3 6 months ago but was boring, and i came back to this beauty piece of game. Just joining to this honorable clan. Is a glad for me. Call me Omar or Jedi HC Ladder Player USEAST


    yo sus im new to this id like to say all of u u can follow my legit human runs 4 free super fast service and ull be safe af
  8. TheSauce(OD)

    Hello All!

    Hello all My name is Ryan. I've been playing D2 off and on since I was old enough to know how to! :) I'm 22 years old, currently employed at a roofing company. I am engaged with a (almost four) three month old son. I am looking forward to being a part of this community and finally not have to play alone anymore!
  9. Jay Chesney

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to stop on by and say how much I am looking forward to being a part of Clan OverDosed. My Name is Jay and I am 24 and live in Atlanta, GA I recently started playing back on Diablo 2 LOD and am very much surprised to see Diablo 2 still as active as when I left the last time!! Well if there is anything you ever need to have questions about please do not hesitate to ask. Hello to everyone, and have fun Gaming.
  10. Spike3198 (OD)

    Spike is in the house!

    Hey guys some of you may know me or at least heard of me in the smite community. Im Spike3198 and my main game is Smite. I just joined with my fellow smite friends Fury and Thyrst after I had rebuild my computer. I plan to be a game changer in the OD Smite community, I play well rounded and I'm always polite and understanding . I made it just in time to join the OD Fantasy Football League so that was great . I hope to talk to everyone and get to know you but most of all make a impact of great worth.
  11. Yayko(OD)

    Bonjour les amis.

    Dear Clan OD, My name is Yayko, I am originally from Northwestern Indiana. I lived there, in LaPorte, for 18 years, then moved to Phoenix with my dad. I am a musician. I have been playing percussion since I was 4, bass since I was 8, and ukelele since I was 9. I dabble in banjo, piano, guitar, beatboxing, spoons, and I can play a mean djembe(percussion). Besides music and work, I love to game. I started playing D2 classic in 2004, and haven't stopped since. I had my breaks, but overall, I have been playing for about 10 years. I play on USEast Ladder SC. But, Magik(OD) is making me want to play hardcore and nonladder as well. My favorite D2 character has to be the infamous Windy Druid for PvM. For PvP, I am a sorceress fan. I never use ES, though. All life. I love all types of sorceresses. Lightning(Favorite for PvM/PvP), FBall, Blizz, Melee, and even Orb. But, besides D2, I also play League of Legends (Best Support Sona in the northern hemisphere ) I am always playing with my buddy, Eric (SaxyHammer), he is a boss ass bitch, and he can wreck me, hard.(That sounds odd). I have a Ps4 with a few games. (The Evil Within, Shadow of Mordor, GTA V, Battlefield 4, and some downloaded ones.) I have 105 steam games which hardly ever get played. But, I do have them. I have all of the Valve games though, which are my most played, probably. I am 18, Male, single, and I have a thing for red heads with freckles. (Gingers, if you will). Thank you for allowing me to join this wonderful clan. I couldn't be more appreciative. It truly means a lot. I hope to benefit all of the players, branches, and general clan livelihood. I have yet to meet one person that isn't an awesome player, giver, and overall a great person. Sincerely, Your friendly neighborhood Yayko. <3
  12. legal.eagle

    Hello From a New Player

    Hey all, My name is Bryan and I joined OD yesterday. I'm happy to be a part of this awesome community! I'm a student at Rutgers School of Law. When I am not studying, or playing sc2 - other activities I enjoy include: rollerblading, swimming, reading, laughing with friends, and meeting new people. See you all around! And those who play sc2, see you on the OD channel!
  13. Bringing Dota 2 back for any Overdosed members interested. Please apply here http://overdosed.net...=Squads&uid=190 Will be choosing an Executive Officer based on activeness/dedication from list of squad member with due time of a proper start-up. Contact me via forums or main website private messaging
  14. Rufioboy(OD)

    Rufioboy(OD) Intro

    Hey everyone! I have never really done this clan thing to be honest but it seems fun. I am a pretty active League of Legends player. I usually play every night starting at 11 central time until either 2 or 4 am depending on my school schedule the next day. I would love to get a ranked team together with you all! I also used to SC2 and I think I was pretty good. Played a ton of the original SC. But for now, I spend all of my gaming time on LoL. I'm twenty years old and a full time student. I'm also a door to door salesman xD. Anything else you want to know just ask!
  15. Veryplayable(OD)

    New Counter-Strike recruit

    Hello everyone! I am new and will be working with the counter-strike team. I was recruited a few days ago by WhitePlauge and have been really loving the community! I hope that this will be a lasting and fun experience! -Veryplayable
  16. Hey what's up guys, just want to let you guys know i'm sick of having the name "Necrotic" so i'm going to change it to InVerSe. Just a heads up so you guys don't confuse me with someone else hehe. Is there any protocol i should know about?
  17. Pink(OD)


    Hey! My name is Daniel and I just joined today. I'm from Atlanta, GA, but I currently live in Cambridge, MA. I play D2 on east hardcore ladder when I'm not studying my butt off at law school. You could say I've been brought here to OD by chance. I decided I wanted to play D2 again, but I wanted people to play and hang out with. So I just did a google search for "diablo 2 clan," and one of silentkill's recruiting posts was the very first link. I decided to message him. Five minutes, one AIM conversation and a few keystrokes later and I'm a trial member. I hope to get to know some of y'all better, especially on D2. -Pink(OD) P.S. I have actually been in a clan before. I used to be in a clan called Ways of the Jedi ")WOJ(". I THINK it was an offshoot from OD. I don't know if anyone remembers them--that was ~9 or 10 years ago. But in case anyone is from that era, my handle then was PinkZeppelin.