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Found 12 results

  1. Atrayas(OD)

    Atrayas(OD) Here

    Hello everyone and thank you for allowing me to join your community. I am an avid D2 player from the past and just recently started playing again. For the moment I have a sorc capable of rushing and doing ilvl 85 mf runs and a smiter capable of doing ubers. If anyone needs my assistance feel free to ask. A little about me, I am 34 years old, work as a supervisor in real life so i bring allot of real life leadership with me. I used to lead a community called Angel Knights [AK] in 2008 on d2 and sc, so I am not new to the structure required to keep a community of this size going strong. I prefer the assasin trapsin build in d2 and am working towards the gear required to get her started. I also enjoy playing sorc and barbarians. I hate druids and necros and tolerate paladins just for the advantage of doing ubers easily with budget gear. Again, if anyone ever needs my assistance please ask, I enjoy helping people out and just having fun conversations in general.
  2. Hi everyone, I am brand new to OD and the forums. I'm looking forward to having people to play D2 with (other than random people of pub games). I'll see you all around. Boaz
  3. khaos_kyle

    New to Overdosed (D2)

    Just putting up a post to introduce myself. My account name is Khaos_Kyle(OD) and Khaos_Kyle(OD)2. I go by Khaos or Kyle in game, I'm old, 30 now, work 40 hours a week, try to spend my free time relaxing and gaming. I have been playing Diablo 2 since the release of LoD, before that I spent many years play D1 in a legit guild. I really like groups that stay true to the basic ideal of not cheating.... seems obvious, but not very common. I have always been lacking the community to keep me interested like IU used to have back in 1.08 and 1.09. I'm hoping to make a lot of friends in this community and maybe even join in on some other games (SC2, LoL, and maybe new games). d2jsp is PlaysWSquirrels.
  4. Ziroc(OD)

    Hello Clan OD

    Hey everyone Ziroc(OD) here. Been playing D2 for quite a while now off and on, and super excited to help out in clan OD. Was in a different clan for year or 2 before D3 came out and then we all got out of touch and disbanded. Hoping to be as helpful as I can in several games that are listed that you play. I currently have accounts in: D2 D3 LOL SWTOR D2JSP Personal info. 27yrs old Male US Michigan. Soon to be dad. We are having a baby boy. Super excited Name is Justin, but Z or Ziroc works best Thank you for the add WindStorms(OD) Thank you to Shaggy2Dope(OD) for telling me about the clan and channel
  5. Ephemeral(OD)

    Hello Overdosed

    Hello Overdosed, I am a new trial recruit Ephemeral(OD), I look forward to meeting you all and playing some D2!!!! Talk to me
  6. Jon(OD)

    Jon(OD) @ Diablo3

    Hey clan! My names Jon, just joined the clan last Sunday... (still a trial member.) Looking forward to gaming with an awesome community, and making some good friends a long the way! Cheers
  7. I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself to my fellow guildies. My name is Daniel and I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online since it's launch. My three main characters are: Still - V10 Nightblade Pack - lv25 Dragonknight Tangent - lv22 Templar As a gamer, I enjoy the PvE aspects of the game and seldom step into PvP. I am always down for a dungeon and would run them primarily if only the LFG Tool would work correctly. When I started this game, I had several friends who also played. Unfortunately they have all moved on. The plus side, I have access to my own guild bank. So should anyone need any materials, just ask me. Chances are I have some squirreled away. Also, I am disabled. I use the game to stay occupied and keep my mind off the pain that I deal with on a daily basis. So, at times I will be unable to log in. I have informed the guild leaders of this fact so as to not be prematurely kicked from the guild. I look forward to getting to know and running with everyone.
  8. SinfulMaster

    Sup guys - Newb here :D

    Hey Guys! I just joined Overdosed about 10 minutes ago, and I can't wait to be an active member of this community! My name is Pratik, but my IGN is Sinful Master and I play League of Legends (RITO PLS)...I am an 18 year old and a freshman in college (NYU!!) and I gotta say, it's hella fun living away from my house. I am a Silver II Jungle Main and I hope to place into Gold next season (Don't we all?) alongside forming a Ranked 5's team with a few of my friends already in the clan (shoutout to Jim!) I plan on being on a lot for a lot of the in-houses...it's gonna be a blast I can't wait to be a part of this clan makin a lot of new friends! - FZN Sin
  9. Hey Everyone!, My name is Rob but you guys can call me RobbieRob im On the USEAST LADDER, D2 Lod (USEAST) My ACCOUNT IS RobRob222 im looking to play ladder get great gear, meet new friends, get some good playing time in. I work from 9am to 2 pm and play pretty much whenever i have free time. Anyways thanks for reading this an for those of you that are in Atl drop me a line
  10. Joseph Kyle Wallace


    Hey guys, my name is Kyle Wallace, Im 22 years of age and live in the state of VA. Im a laid back guy who doesnt really give to many fucks, anit no body got time fo dat. I work just about everyday at a kick ass pizza shop thats just about as laid back as i am. Im here to try to rep for OD in the game League of Legends. I play every position but main BTM lane (ADC&Support). Im in Brozen DIV 3 but its diffidently not my skill area. I was gold in season 2 but because i didnt play for about 2 months they demoted me to silver. Im on just about everyday and would love to play with any of you just for fun. I not very good with introductions but i tired my best, i hope this doesnt come off as a bad impression. If you would like a better one, log on and come play with me.
  11. Hello OD!! I'm excited to finally get my account up and running. I've played Starcraft and I'm currently playing that right now. I do have a D3 account but I haven't played it in a while. I'm actually playing Guild Wars 2. I do have a problem though. Is there anyway on the clan website http://www.overdosed.net/, I need to have my name changed from NEAUXLA(OD) to MeTaLisk(OD). I accidentally clicked the wrong recruiter when I was first joining and the recruiter that I used just told me to do it again, but the name had already registered. Is there anyway that I can have that switched? I'm not longer a trial member and I'm believe to be a Private First Class. I've kept my DSL to 0 every day since joining the clan! I'm excited to see what this clan can do! GEAUX OD! (Cajun talk. ;D)
  12. zDefz

    Howdy yall

    How's it going? My name is zDefz and by my topic title you can probably tell i'm from Texas ! I've been an avid gamer for years and can't want to play with yall. My battle tag is zDefz#1906 feel free to add me!