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Found 17 results

  1. Rygor(OD)

    First placement game of S8

    Played my first placement game for S8 last night. I hope the trend continues. I've been putting it off for one reason or another. Been playing league since season 1, the highest rank I've achieved has been gold (although season 1 I was 1800 ELO) but in typical fashion "I think I'm better than that." When you've played as long as I have, you recognize that the climb is really all about the grind and in the last couple of seasons I haven't had the time to grind out to a higher ranking (I think I could reach high plat at the very least if I could play a lot more) Last season I had to hustle. I came back to season 7 around the last 30 days of the season and I managed to one-trick Veigar support to gold because to me, his one-shot potential was pretty broken in silver and it wasn't a tank meta. Hopefully I can get a head-start on this season and dedicate a little more time like I've always wanted. The goal is plat or higher, wish me luck! I might do little updates here and there on my progress to keep me interested and so I can polish up on my writing as a side project. I think I'm going to end up silver 3ish out of placements, but we will see. Where did you guys place out of your placement matches?
  2. KorHaL(OD)

    The Vision

    I've been MIA for like half a year, was going through a lot of family stuff and had to take on more responsibility IRL. My living situation changed and I did not have internet and it got rough for me but I have been able to bounce back. I got a better living arrangement, I have some sick internet now and My love for OD has never faded ever. Triple OG's who know me understand that I will always be here in spirit and come back and help the community the way I have always have. As for League, It is the New Season and I will be playing many games on the daily. I have been re-enabled and I will always be on teamspeak trying to recruit ingame and playing games with all types of skill levels. I want to play more Flex Que 5's while getting better with the new meta and the changes that have occurred throughout the game. People may feel like the league division has been stagnant but I will never let it die and will always use my energy, time and spirit to help this community at least make a small impact with league. I plan to be extremely active I will play most games that OD members enjoy I will help the newcomers I will try my best to help recruit and grow the community "Respect is earned, not Given"
  3. TehMilk(OD)

    Redownloading LoL

    So yeah. Redownloading League and my account is going to have to start from scratch since my old account got terminated for asking for a refund. RIP old account.
  4. TehMilk(OD)

    Redownloading LoL

    So yeah. Redownloading League and my account is going to have to start from scratch since my old account got terminated for asking for a refund. RIP old account.
  5. MrRey


    Hello all, im not much for huge intros, mainly joined to game with new people. Have a large collection of games, also a PS4. Currently gaming hard at Star Citizen Elite Dangerous LoL Payday 2 Starcraft 2 Some other games I play currently are Stellaris Endless Legend Dota 2 - Just came back so mega rust supreme Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 but essentially the entire Total War series. Did I say I like strategy and space games? oh yea strategy, space and FPS are pretty much my top 3. Born a gamer, so just tell me what it is and lets do it!
  6. SupremeJester

    Anivia tried, Vlad Prevailed

    Enjoy. We ended up winning, it was a good game. :) Whoops sorry!
  7. Saffron

    Almost reaching level 30

    Hello everyone, I have been quite busy with other games but that doesn't mean I don't play League of Legends from time to time, I am almost level 30 and that means I can particpate in ranked games . I would like if I could join an existing team if there is room for me and if you want me. I think I would be great asset to any team, as a support or a midlane mage. Anyway I am awaiting for anyones reply, keep in mind that I work and live in Europe so I might have some scheduals that don't work great with everyone so please keep that in mind. I have been practicing with few memmbers from time to time and been reading a lot of builds and guides for almost all champions. I have a not best rune page, like I said I've been busy with other games, but skills from game like Smite that I play often are surely going to be advantige in game, yea I am good like that I play mostly support Soraka, I've been trying out Katarina here and there and she is working good for me in midlane, as for Ahri and Le Blanc. I would like to add that I am not fan of BM but I learned to tolarate a lot since I have been here for some time now, but I would still ask you if that is possible for you too keep it at minimum. I'll await your reply
  8. snicker66(OD)

    ==> The CLIMB <==

    Hi Clan Mates, Snicker66(OD) here It saddens me to inform you, the members, that I one of your leaders is indeed Bronze 3 in Season 5 of League of Legends. Do not be saddened and leave without reading this topic. I will not settle for such a ELO that League so nicely granted me. I am going to climb my way up to gold this season I'm asking you, the members, to assist me in wondering if anyone would be willing to Duo with me, ( I refuse to ever play ranked lonely ) Times that I plan on Climbing the ELO Ladder *Central Times* Monday - After 9 PM Tuesday - Not climbing (its in house night dua) Wednesday - After 5\6 PM Thursday - After 8 PM Friday - confusing days for me prob wont climb Saturday - in the afternoon \ evening Sunday - early after noon, and Later in evening (can't from 4 - 8 PM because League team for High School) If any member wishes to want to gracelessly play ranked with me Please let me know Best Regards - Snicker66(OD)
  9. gravitycompels(OD)

    (OD) Noob team assemmblleeeee

    So I just hit 30 and made Silver 5. I would like to play some ranked team games. Anyone else sort of new and want to put together a team. I was thinking we could meet 1-2 times a week for a few hours and work on things. Maybe rotate lanes and practice new champs and just develop some over all skills without the pressure of trying to keep up with more seasoned players. I would like anyone interested to be committed to positive reinforcement and knowledge sharing and trying new ideas none of us have tried before. If someone more seasoned wants to lead and coach us a bit that would be great but I think even just a bunch of new players working together to learn and share would be great. I have a room mate I could get to play with us a lot and I would welcome the idea of other randoms (recruitment possibilities ftw). Anyway, just an idea. Very open to variations on this idea but I think it would be fun to have a clan (OD) junior team or something. I tend to work M-F 9-5 (EST) and would like to play in the early evenings till about 11 latest sometime during the week and maybe on Sunday midday to afternoon as well. TL:DR I would like to form a ranked team of other fairly new players and also practice in team builder and even against bots (when we all want to try out new champs) to improve our basic skills and champion/game knowledge.
  10. Saffron

    New hero - help

    Hello everyone I bought Soraka, and I really really could use some help with her since I am not that good at her , can someone give me any advice I watched many videos but still having an issues
  11. gravitycompels(OD)

    Just hit 30

    Yeah that's about it. Yet to play my first ranked game. Have to wait till after work :[
  12. Lethe(OD)


    I've typed and deleted this about 7 different times now. So ill just cut to the point. I'm looking to be re-enabled since i miss my OD family. I'll need a new console account if y'all want me back since i cant remember the pass of my old one, nor the email password it was attached too.
  13. Garrett Glissmeyer

    Add me and lets ranked que!

    Hey all! I'm TacoBaal. A new recruit! Add me online and lets que up. I'm currently at Silver4 btw Username: TacoBaal
  14. PrimeTime(OD)

    New Member In LoL

    Hello all my name is Jusin AkA MagnusPrimX on league , soon to be MagnusPrime OD is if I change it. I thought this might be a good way for me to get to know other members so feel free to contact me through here and add me on Skype j-deuce21.
  15. Rufioboy(OD)

    LoL Ranked Team?

    Hey everyone! I'm not exactly sure how squads/teams work, but I am an avid LoL player. And to all you other LoL players that are a part of this clan, I was just wondering if you wanted to put together an unofficial ranked team? My IGN is Rufioboy. I can play any position really. Just add me in game or post on here, and lets play some ranked! I like 3v3 and 5v5 as well.
  16. Hey all; would like to have a beginning of the year meeting before the 18th of this month, I am going no tour with the label for a few days. That being said everyone interested on making an appearance; we will discuss issues, upcoming events, and ways to improve our division I would like to have this meeting the week of 7th-14th and I am giving everyone more a bit over a week's in advance Plz post here to verify what time you can make it that week I have our meeting pending. I say 12th-14th are perfect around 8-10pm eastern depending on what most members feel comf with. "Ty all Korhal(OD)"