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Found 1 result

  1. SupremeJester

    Just can't take it any more

    I'm sorry, but I need to let this out. My sister has had a heart dysfunction for about 6 years. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They eventually too off both breasts. It reestablished itself as bone only cancer. My sister had to make the choice. Use medication for her heart, Which would kill her if she didn't. OR go on to chemo which the cancer will kill her if she doesn't. She was treating the cancer. And then the heart problem because to much. About Christmas time she switched to no more chemo, and the doctor gave her about 2 months depending on how fast the cancer grows. Saturday I was called over from my brother in law early in the morning. I rushed to her house and saw that my sister was alive and coherent but wasn't speaking well. She couldn't breathe. And her husband kept asking her to go into the hospital but she wouldn't. Finally she breathed out that we needed to roll her. So we did. And as we started she began to wail, and scream, and cry. It hurt her so bad. but we got some shorts on her and her shirt halfway on and she finally began to talk again. She was in extreme pain obviously and she didn't have function of he arms or legs. I laid with her until she fell asleep. Later that night she was taken to the hospital, they have given her drugs to the point where she doesn't know up from down. I'm at a loss for words. My sister and I were close, her husband is one of my best and longest lasting friends. I'm sure she will get to go home. But she is fighting and it's killing me. Thank you OD for gaming with me the past couple nights.