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Found 1 result

  1. Seven veils, seven prizes. You be the first to post the answer a veil question and a veil is removed, until the finale, with the biggest prize. You may choose your prize from 6 of the 7 prizes EXCEPT for the last prize, the grand finale, when all the veils are removed. Contest starts now, and ends when all the questions are answered. Most of the questions can be answered by actually knowing the member or by something they've posted on the forum in the past. Prizes to choose from: 1. HOTO 2. griswold caduceus, griswold corona, and griswold vortex with 4 jewels socketed, and griswold armour with 3 jewels socketed DBZ already won this prize 3. sin torch, maras ammy, 6 trap GC's, spider belt, verdungo belt and vipermagi armour Sassy already won this prize - recycled it back to the contest or future contests 4. Full tals (belt, armour, hat, orb, ammy) Sassy already won this prize - recycled it back to the contest or future contests 5. 2nd HOTO JR already won this prize 6. 2 ums, 4 ists, 2 mals, 1 vex JR already won this prize 7. Finale Grand prize - 500 FG cannot be chosen until all the other prizes are gone! MooMoo wins the FG! First veil question. First person to answer correctly can choose any of the 6 prizes! 1. Which gamer has a pet pig that talks to you on Teamspeak? answer Sunset won by DBZ 2. Second question, since DBZ won the first one ... which member grows pot plants and names them after OD members and name two members who have had plants named after them. You need to answer both parts of this question. answer Typereal won by Sassy 3. Third question, which member is always telling us to "get off his lawn"? answer is Pops won by JR 4. Fourth question, which members are known for a) their hillybilly accent on TS and b) a member who NEVER has spoken on TS. Must post both members' names. answer is Moist and MooMoo, won by Sassy 5. Fifth question CANNOT be answered by the person who wore two totally different shoes to work one day and posted a picture of it LOL. answer is Sassy won by JR. 6. Sixth question Which member is married to another OD member and has 3 boys? Name both of their OD Clan names. answer is DBZ and Redvaine and once again JR wins. 7. Seventh question and the prize of 500 fg. Which member holds the record baal/chaos runs in a month period at over 4,000 runs! answer is Triny and MooMoo wins the grand prize!
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