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Found 2 results

  1. Alright everyone, another week has gone by - and we have more logs to look over. This week I have decided to grab our Heroic Log specifically, and compare our encounter to another raids that is the same raid size, and their kill time is within 10 seconds of ours. The item level average is within 5 ilvl of our raid as well. What does this mean? It means that the log I'm comparing ours to is an accurate comparison, instead of grabbing one from a fully mythic geared raid which will of course do better than we did. Heroic Garothi Worldbreaker We down this guy pretty handily each week, but there's plenty of room for improvement. We had multiple prepots get missed, or for some - not using a 2nd one. If you remove the pugs, our raids average DPS was 1,267,992.3. Which is fine for heroic Antorus [we only had 3 dps from guild for this fight]. Looking over at our Healers, again not including the pug mistweaver - Triny and I averaged 771,790.35 HPS. What does this mean? Well, the 3 DPS from guild for that fight are pulling enough damage to meet the requirement for raid to not hit an Enrage timer, or otherwise cause problems [yay]. For the healers, we also need to look at deaths - in this case there were none. So good job across the board. The log I've compared us to had an average of 1,295,742.3 - We're really close to that average, so well done for sure. Now, bear in mind that this from all of their DPS [9] as opposed to our 3. This means when we no longer pug DPS all of our guildies in DPS roles will need to maintain a near 1.3 million DPS Average during the fight in order to kill the boss. They only 2 healed the fight, compared to our 3 healing it - however their average between them is 1,004,898.75. This is a large deficit, but they took considerably more avoidable damage than we did, thus the need for more healing. What does this mean? Our DPS are on point for heroic Garothi - Lojac, Ag, and Nep respectively. Hopefully those who are not ready to join us in heroic rise to the occasion - I know I am very much looking forward to no longer pugging out those slots ^^ ------ Healers, there are points where we can improve. We had some gaps of downtime where we could have cast something - any heal - if there is a moment where there is nothing to heal we should be dps'ing to add damage to the fight where we can. Every point of damage matters because that boss isn't dead until he hits 0! Heroic Fel Puppies We down this fight each week, but there's tons of room for improvement in several areas we struggle in. Our largest problem being avoidable damage and the mechanic weight of darkness. Weight of darkness is the purple circle we stack up in at least groups of 3 to avoid the fear. Coupled with the Magma Flares [Red swirls of impending F U] - this causes catastrophic problems at times. We need to be keeping an eye on not only ourselves, but to whats around us as well. It's easy to overlook walking out of one magma flare into another - or worse yet - It comes during Weight of Darkness and we need to flawlessly move as a group to avoid fear and death. Looking over our Damage and DPS from the kill [once again removing the pugs] we averaged out to 1,473,569.5 - Even though this is a multitarget fight for DoT classes / Destro Lock [via Havoc] - One of our DPS is a Fury Warrior and does not benefit from that since he cannot cleave in this encounter. This is a well job done in executing the damage portion of the fight and a definite step up from Garothi. Healers, we managed to push out an average of 758,677.25 HPS - But again, lets look at deaths. We had a player die to Molten Flare over 9.6 seconds. This is a considerably long time to die and means we did not get to him in time. Even though he should never have gotten hit by the flare in the first place, it still falls on us to keep him alive. The Comparison Log actually has an average ilvl 2 under our raids, and their Damage / DPS average turned out to be 1,366,580.1 DPS. Well done again to our 3 Guild DPS for that encounter. Not only pulled the good numbers to kill the boss, you even out performed the comparison. Their Healers pushed out 713,144.4 HPS on average. This is also lower than ours - but they also had a death. The big difference here though, is they pushed out 5 times the healing onto that dying player than we did. Yes, I know I'm comparing 2 healers vs 3 by not including our pug - But even if I did - The comparison log healers did 3 times the healing to that player than we did to our dying member. So it still shows that we need to step it up - if they can get heals to that person, so can we. Heroic High Command This fight is really kicking us down - We're struggling mechanically across the board here. Dealing with the Shock Troopers, getting the Pyromancers down - and constantly interrupted - alongside NOT walking on mines unless needed is causing numerous issues. So, lets break it down. The Shock Troopers are essentially Fel Guard Model enemies that randomly charge at players and bladestorm in a stationary position doing a considerable amount of damage. It's kind of hard to dodge the first tick, but if you can great. Definitely need to be getting out this faster - removing the pugs - We have some of our raiders taking 19.52 million damage from this alone. In fact - in the top 5 damage taken including the pugs we brought in, our raiders took 3 of those 5 spots for Bladestorm. We cannot be taking this much damage from this - Excessive avoidable damage in turn hits the Healers, draining mana faster to a point where we have none left later in the fight when things actually get tight and we really need it. Don't finish that cast - MOVE Exploit Weakness is a frontal cleave - Yet we have numerous players being hit by it. This hit not only does damage, but puts a stacking debuff on you making you take 50% increased physical damage as well - so if you get hit by another, its bad news for sure. Fusilage, this is the reason we get under the giant bubble put down by the person in the pod. If you don't - it really, really sucks. If you do, well - it sucks a lot less. We've had some people not get under the bubble and it definitely hurts things - especially if it ends in a death. We also unfortunately had everyone stacked tight enough to have 2 Shock Troopers charge / bladestorm the group AS fusilage hit the ground - instantly killing about 6 of us in one of the attempts. This is really rough RNG, but we should spread out in the bubble to prevent this from happening again - even if its just a small chance. We had the Damage for the pull to barely make it - but we need to really step it up. Our 4 DPS [Another guildie was running late joined us at this point] - averaged out a 1,325,479.6 DPS. Bare in mind this is not a kill average, but the average of our averages on a per pull basis. Raids that did kill this encounter within our ilvl range pulled an average of 1.648,219.3 DPS - we need to step up our game on this one. Warrented, this is a cleave fest with all the adds running about and the pyromancer spawning close to the active boss. Multi DoT'ers will have the easier time, but there's definitely enough cleave up time to increase your damage as a melee.
  2. Glimmer Extraction E.D.Z/Nessus You'll need to defeat three sets of three Excavators at three different locations. Each trio is tougher to defeat than the last and you'll have to deal with plenty of regular Fallen while you're at it. Heroic Trigger: To turn the event Heroic, you'll need to take out the three generators at each location BEFORE you take down the Excavators (remember, there's one generator at each site, making a total of three you need to destroy in order to create the trigger). Use your power weapon to take them out quickly. The Heroic phase, when triggered, will require you to defend a pile of glimmer from a wave of Fallen, and a Field boss. Make sure everyone is stood within the white ring as this will speed up the process of collecting the glimmer. Destroy the Arsenal Walker E.D.Z/Titan In terms of strategy, this Public Event is relatively straightforward, especially if you're playing in a group. Focus fire on the core of the Walker when it becomes exposed periodically throughout the Public Event. The legs of the walker are its weakest point, so concentrate fire here to force the walker to collapse. As as you begin to prepare for the Heroic phase, ensure that someone is always concentrating fire on that core to bring the walker's health down dramatically. Heroic Trigger: While this is happening, one to three members of your squad will need to trigger the Heroic phase. In order to do this, you'll need to grab one of the Arc Charges dropped by the Walker while its core is exposed. Slot it into one of the three sets of generators placed around the walker. There are two generators on either side side of each energy dome, and successfully charging each one will reveal the heavy weapon its concealing. This will unlock larger weapons, such as Scorch Cannons, which will help during the Heroic phase. Do this three time to kick off the hard part. Complete this three times and you'll trigger the Heroic. Surprise, there's a second Walker to defeat now. Cabal Excavation E.D.Z/Io/Nessus The basic idea of this Public Event is to stay close to a Cabal drill. The longer you stay within the white circle, the higher the number increases. When it reaches 100, you'll win the event. This event can get really crazy, so watch out for the red circles that appear randomly around the drill - these will drain your health in seconds (they'll also take out the Cabal too) so always keep moving.Waves of Cabal will drop down as well, including Legionnaires, Incendios and Psions. Some Psions will also hang back and snipe you from a distance, so ensure someone on your team (or you, if you're playing lone wolf) has a sniper or an auto rifle with decent range). Heroic Trigger: To send things all Heroic, keep an eye out for a Thresher (a medium sized, red Cabal ship), it will appear twice, so concentrate most of your fire on it whenever it appears. It's health won't regenerate, so don't worry if you don't down it the first time. Just make sure someone is still working on the Cabal. When the Thresher is destroyed, the Heroic phase will begin. This will spawn a high value Colossus. Injection Rig E.D.Z/Nessus One of the tougher Public Events, the Cabal Injection Rig needs at least a couple of experienced players to bring the event to Heroic. To begin, a large red rig will drop down from the sky, which is then covered by a orange dome. This dome stops any outside fire from penetrating within, so forget sniping or working at range. This event wants you to get in amongst the action. The event will spawn three different Psions that you must kill in order to initiate the final part of this battle. If you're keeping it normal, take out each Psion and strafe, double jump to avoid the War Beasts, Gladiators, Legionnaires and Phalanx that attack.It's very easy to get mobbed here. When all three Psions are dead, Excavator Valus (a Centurion) will drop down. Defeat him with a few supers to get your loot. Heroic Trigger: To trigger the Heroic, things get tricky. After defeating each Psion, you'll have to quickly dash out of the orange dome as the rig ejects insta-killing heat. Instantly dash back in and look for some yellow vents that have opened. There are three vents at the top, three in the middle and one at the bottom. You'll need to have destroyed all of them before killing the third and final Psion. You'll still have to face Valus, only now some Interceptors will also join the party. Taken Blight E.D.Z/Io Another tough Public Event, Taken Blight is all about using your position to deal damage while working as a team to avoid being overrun by Taken. Once the event triggers, a giant, glowing ball of Taken energy (the Taken Blight) will appear. You can't just damage it from the off - in fact, shooting it directly won't work at all - so you'll need to look for smaller Blights near the larger one. Step within its aura and lay waste to it. Most of the Taken (including Psions and Phalanx) will congregate here so use grenades and a high level weapon to destroy it. This will then damage the bigger Blight nearby. There will be three waves of these smaller Blights (one for the first, two for the second, and three for the third). Play smart and have the other players on your tram work on each Blight. Heroic Trigger: Once the integrity of the Taken Blight hits 0%, it will explode - but it's not over yet. You've now entered the Heroic Phase, in place of that giant ball you've now got a nasty Taken Blightmaker Field boss to deal with. Concentrate fire on his white eye, but beware of the remaining Taken trying to mob you while you're at it. An easy way to trigger the heroic event is to step inside the first taken blight till you get a red Debuff, you can use this to damage the main orb of Taken blight. Disrupt Vex Construction Nessus/Io It's all about teamwork, and fast teamwork at that. The idea is to protect a generator in the middle of the room and stop Vex from sacrificing themselves before it (they'll glow blue and white as they disintegrate, so ensure at least one player is here at all times. Placing yourself one of the higher platforms surrounding this event on Nessus can also work really well.Keep an eye on those three lines of white light steaming off the central generator. These lead to three specific portals on the map that will light up one at a time.Have at least two players on this portal, and wait until the counter reaches 10. You'll have to contend with Fanatics, Hydras, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Harpies and Minotaurs so stay together to endure the onslaught. Heroic Trigger: To trigger the Heroic, you'll need to capture all three of the portals, one by one, without letting ten of the Vex sacrifice themselves to the generator. This is one of the toughest events to trigger, so ensure there's enough of you in the squad to pull it off. When the three portals have been taken, the Heroic phase will begin and you'll now have to fight a very tough Hydra. As usual, time your fire to strike in between its revolving shields. Spacing out the players in your squad is the best tactic as at least a couple of your group will always have eyes on an exposed side of the Hydra. Witches Ritual Titan Witches Ritual Event is all about battling a bunch of Wizards and a lot of Thral. As soon as the event begins, you'll see two glowing, green sigils appear on the floor. You can only damage the two wizard's by standing in these circular areas. So make sure you have at least one weapon with a decent amount of range on it. The wizards will periodically release throngs of Thral, so make sure at least one of your team is concentrating on these foes as they can be deadly in a mob. When both wizards have been defeated, two crystals will appear on either side of the main portal. Run back onto those circular sigils and destroy the crystals. Heroic Trigger: Once both crystals have been destroyed (you won't have long, so everyone needs to be on the same page for this), the game will trade in the tough Wizard it was going to send and instead opts for a ultra-tough Knight. There will be lots of Cursed Thral (the ones that explode) so concentrate fire on the Knight, but keeping jumping to avoid Thral-based death. If you ensure at least one of your team is taking care of the Cursed Thral, you should have more than enough time and firepower to take down the Knight (Abyssal Champion) Ether Resupply E.D.Z/Nessus While this Public Event might seem simple, it's incredibly difficult to pull off without a decent team with you. A large Servitor Prime will appear in the middle of the area, so he's going to be the main focus of your fire. He's surrounded by Dregs, Vandals, Marauders, Shanks and Explosive Shanks so you're going to need at least one player mopping up the smaller foes while the rest of the squad focus on the Servitor. Other than his standard purple energy blasts, the Servitor also has a temporal displacement attack and teleports you to a position that's right in front of it, or much further away. Either way, you'll end up high in the air, so be sure to air jump to safety. Periodically, smaller Transport Servitors will appear, making the larger one immune... Heroic Trigger: This leads us into the Heroic trigger section. These smaller Servitors only appear for around 20-30 seconds, so you need to concentrate fire on it before it disappears. When three of them appear at once (when he's around halfway dead), destroy each one (follow the purple beam of light to find them mid-battle) and you'll enter the Heroic phase. The Servitor Prime will now become a lot deadlier and far tougher than before. Be on your guard for his temporal displacement attack - this will now affect all participating players, rather than just the one he's looking at. Vex Crossroads Mercury This public event has Multiple Phases that you need to complete Phase One: Seize keys from Gatekeepers to shut down the warp gates This first phase has you shut down four warp gates, two at either end of the patrol space. Start at one end, and find the Gatekeeper, a named enemy called 'Keeper of Ages Present'. Once it's downed, it'll drop orbs. Pick up one of these orbs, and take it to one of the two gates on the upper ledges on the outside of the raised area to dunk it. If the orbs disappear, more should spawn up the steps near the launcher. Perform this for both gates on both sides, making for a total of four gates. Phase Two: Travel to the island to shut down its warp gate On both outer edges of Mercury are islands, which one of the launch pads near the gates will take you to. When you land, it's a similar process as before - find the Gatekeeper, destroy it for orbs, and drop them into the central gate.You then take the launcher back, go to the far other side, and repeat at the second island. It should be noted it's this phase that has the Heroic requirement. Phase Three: Defeat the Gate Lord With the second island done, head back via the launcher and go to the central area, where a towering Vex - the Gate Lord - will be waiting. This is a simple case of putting as much damage in as possible. With a handful of you it won't take long at all, and once it's downed, the event is over, giving you two treasure chests. Heroic Trigger: When you travel to the first island as part of the second phase, you'll destroy a Gatekeeper and drop an orb in the centre, before taking the launcher back to the main Mercury setting. However, when you drop the orb and before you take the launcher, a floating diamond will appear on the outer edge of the island. You must destroy this as soon as possible to trigger a platform. Leap up onto it, and two diamonds appear. Destroy these, and another platform and another set of diamonds will appear. Destroy these, and a final platform will take you to the top of the island. Stand in the middle of the plate and the Heroic version of the event will activate. "note" when at the top of the island there is a gold regional chest for you to discover