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Found 4 results

  1. First weekend of season 14 has passed, and Ive noticed we have 5 or 6 HC players. Im hoping as we get leveled we can work on split bounties, as we all know bounties suck in groups, even more so alone. I have no issues doing pub bounties softcore, but I pretty much refuse to go public on hardcore except powerlevels as you are dealing with new characters. Ive seen @Mrcer(OD) kicking some butt all weekend and has hit or is close to hitting GR 70 so he's split bounty ready, I think Im second highest hardcore player at paragon 60 or so but Im far from ready for splits any higher than Torment IV or so as Ive only really played Saturday a bit and Sunday night due to RL happenings. My son is graduating HS Friday so most of my weekend is shot, but Ill have evenings most of this week to get my character more ready and hopefully get gear for my intended build (Tal's Meteor) as opposed to DMO which we are gifted. So if you current HC players are interested Im willing to help get all of us ready, and if anybody wants to cross over Ill be pretty close to being able to PL, just a few more pieces and gems to get leveled. Steve
  2. We all know hardcore classic is all about team play. As @Zippystar(OD) mentioned, we have already a great decent amount of HCCL players and more yet to come for sure ! Next ladder will soon be upon us, time we try to organize a bit. This topic is for general discussion about builds, Character selections or any questions related to Hardcore Classic. Also I was thinking we could establish a time schedule of sorts of when you guys will be availaible to play so we can assemble few run squadrons that can do runs on different time lapse. I'll come up with a detailed poll for days and time availability shortly. For my part I'll start the season with 2x Sorceress. We will need a chantress ASAP so it will be my main focus, at the same time I'll work on my classic Orb/Fw Crusher. For those interested in the classic squad here's a direct link leading you straight to it http://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=265
  3. Hi all, im a d2 player since 1999, retired in 2009, tried d3 6 months ago but was boring, and i came back to this beauty piece of game. Just joining to this honorable clan. Is a glad for me. Call me Omar or Jedi HC Ladder Player USEAST
  4. Hey everyone! I recently started playing Diablo3 again and am loving it! I play OW as well got to rank 62 season 1 and currently 2980 (Plat, 20 points from next rank haha). But I am mostly playing Diablo HC right now. We have a steady group goin it's been fun, come join if you are waiting for next season to start up! I have mic if people wanna join TS, Vent, Etc. Acct: dreadknock(OD) 25 Male Colorado
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