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Found 10 results

  1. Tyr4el

    Anima Weapon Guide

    Credit goes to the user on reddit. But thought I'd post this here for people who either don't visit reddit or didn't know this existed. https://imgur.com/a/JKRf8 - GIFs of all Anima Lux (Final Stage) weapons.
  2. ThyrstOD

    What is Atlas Reactor

    What is Atlas Reactor. Atlas Reactor is a relatively new turn based tactics game from Trion Worlds. In the same vein as games such as Xcom and Invisible Inc, AR is a fast paced, addictive, turn based PvP game available in both a free to play version and paid versions. The free to play version allows players to try out the game without spending any money. In the FtP version, you have access to only a few of the freelancers, and the selection changes on a weekly basis. There are three different paid versions. All Freelancers Edition, All Freelancers Pro Edition, and Ultimate Reactor Edition. All Freelancers Edition unlocks all freelancers forever, ranked mode and custom games. All Freelancers Pro Edition unlocks the same, as well as extra skins, boosters and emotes. Ultimate Reactor Edition provides the same bonuses as the other two, with even more skins and boosters. The AR Squad welcomes all members, and invite you to join us for some fun gameplay. Will you use your wits to defeat your opponents or will you crack under the pressure? Only one way to find out.
  3. ThyrstOD

    Apollo Arena Guide

    Now that I have reached diamond with Apollo, I felt it would be a good idea to make an Apollo arena guide, as he is rising in the meta and an overall strong god right now. This is a pretty basic arena guide for Apollo, where I will breakdown each item and why I use it, as well as good options for countering in arena. I don't really suggest this build for any mode other then arena, because it has very little tower pressure, but you could still use titans bane instead of Hastened Fatalis and it would do ok in tower modes. I want to preface this God Builder section by saying that you obviously don't have to put it into God Builder because it is a simple arena build, but this is my suggested list for Apollo God Builder anyway, so I am putting it in here as well. Also, due to the limited defence options you would want to run as a Hunter, some of the items in the Defence tab are offensive utility items. God Builder Starter - Throwing Dagger, 2 Health Potions, 1 Mana Potion, and Purification Core - Golden Bow, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Hastened Fatalis Damage - Malice, Wind Demon, Deathbringer, Titans Bane Defence - Frostbound Hammer, Executioner, Bloodforge, Qin's Sais Relics - Purification, Sprint, Sanctuary, Frenzy Consumables - Health Potion, Mana Potion, Multi Potion, Potion of Physical Might Build and Back Order Golden Bow, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Wind Demon, Malice, Hastened Fatalis 1st Back - Finish Golden Bow (980 gold) and start Warrior Tabi (300, 600, 650 gold for each tier respectively) 2nd Back - Finish Warrior Tabi (if not already completed) and buy Asi (700, 1080 gold for each tier respectively) 3rd Back - Buy Wind Demon (900, 600, 1100 gold for each tier respectively) and start Malice (670, 830, 1500 gold for each tier respectively) 4th Back - Finish Malice and start Hastened Fatalis (580, 570, 990 gold for each tier respectively) Item Breakdown This item breakdown is my personal preferences and observations over the time I've played Smite, and your ideas may be drastically different then mine. I am happy to hear any comments or constructive criticism that anyone has regarding this build guide. Golden Bow - Even though the most recent patch (3.11) has nerfed Golden Bow's, and especially Throwing Dagger's, power (55 - 50 for Golden Bow, 25 - 15 for Throwing Dagger) it has an incredibly strong clear through the early and mid game, especially when you get Warrior Tabi instead of Ninja Tabi. Even with the nerf, 50 physical power from one item that also damages enemies for a percentage around it is a very powerful tool early, and can help you transition well into the mid game (which in Arena is around the 9 - 11 minute mark). Warrior Tabi - I buy Warrior Tabi over Ninja Tabi in Arena because whilst Ninja Tabi is a lot stronger late game, the average Arena match is only around 19 minutes, and therefore the power spike you get from Warrior Tabi, especially when combined with Golden Bow and Asi, gives you more power in the early and mid game. Also, with this build you are already building two high attack speed items, plus an item that gives attack speed when you crit, so there is no need to build more attack speed from Ninja Tabi when you can get higher power from Warrior Tabi. Asi - As the cheapest Lifesteal item in Smite, Asi provides a great amount of offensive utility in the mid and late game. With a base of 15% Lifesteal, and an additional 25% when you drop below 35% health for 5 seconds, it makes Asi not only the cheapest but also the top Lifesteal item in its class. Asi also provides 20% attack speed and 15 physical penetration, which boosts Apollo's mid game power allowing him to be more of an offensive threat earlier. Wind Demon - With modest power and crit, the real power behind Wind Demon is the passive, boasting an impressive 20% increase to move and attack speed from crits for 5 seconds, without a cooldown timer. That means you can hit as many crits as you can, and Wind Demons passive will always refresh. Since the end of season 2, when all crit items were set to 20% critical strike chance and following the change to Wind Demon, I have been running it almost exclusively on basic attack based Hunters such as Apollo and Artemis with plenty of success, as the move speed buff combos incredibly well with Hastened Fatalis. Malice - Once you reach full build, every crit you hit will not only increase your attack and movement speed by 20%, it will also deal 25% of your total physical power per second for 3 seconds, and at full build with an attack speed modifier of 50% (70% after crits) plus Apollo's passive of 100% increased attack speed, Malice's passive should never stop because it will probably trigger again before the previous time runs out. For this reason I prefer Malice and Wind Demon over Wind Demon and Deathbringer, although if you are swapping out Hastened Fatalis for something like Titan's Bane that gives more penetration and less attack speed, I would suggest running Wind Demon and Deathbringer over Malice. Hastened Fatalis - By building Hastened Fatalis, on top of already having Warrior Tabi plus Golden Bow, you have 36% movement speed (18% from Warrior Tabi, 8% from Golden Bow, and 10% from Hastened Fatalis), whilst most of your opponents will only have movement speed from whatever boots they have, giving you an advantage both in chasing kills and escaping. In addition, by building Wind Demon you will have an additional 20% movement and attack speed whenever you crit and at full build with 40% crit chance you should always be able to chase down gods. Arena God Countering While there is not as much direct countering in Arena as there is in other game modes, you will still have matches against annoying gods or players, so therefore I have added this little countering list. Apollo vs Hunters - When boxing against most hunters, especially those who don't have crit or Hastened Fatalis, moving side to side and using your superior attack speed and power from crit to burst them down quickly, but always be aware of the rest of the enemy teams position as if you take to long you can be easily ganked and killed. Against hunters who have crit and/or Hastened Fatalis, try to them on your terms, either when they are already engaged with someone else or when you have minions or another god to back you up. Apollo vs Mages - When fighting against mages with heavy sustain or tanky mages, use your superior burst and move speed to out maneuver them and cause them to waste their abilities. You will almost always have superior chase potential then your opponent so don't be afraid to disengage and re-engage at your will. Against bursty, high damage mages be very careful, as you have no fast escape other then your 3, and if the mage chases you with their escape ability or their only movement ability, do not be afraid to punish them for it. In a head to head fight against a burst mage, your attack speed and your own burst is your strongest asset. Apollo vs Assassins - When boxing against assassins, try to attack from behind or the sides, and to attack once they are already engaged. Most of the time you will be able to burst down assassins rather quickly, but be careful engaging when you don't have vision or knowledge of where the enemy assassins are, as the can lock you down and kill you extremely fast. Against assassins with escapes, be incredibly careful when chasing so as not to be drawn in too deep. Always have a way out. Apollo vs Warriors - Against tanky or bruiser warriors, sustained burst over time as well as support from other teammates will bring down tanky targets fast. Try to avoid one on one fights with bruiser warriors as the can shut you down rather easily. Against straight damage or less tanky warriors (even tanky assassins) you will have better boxing potential and mostly better movement speed then them, so keep them at a distance and use your 2 for safety if they get to close. Apollo vs Guardians - Similar to tanky warriors, fighting against guardians one on one can be very dangerous. Even though you will have better burst and lots of damage, the enemy team will target an out of place Apollo if the guardian gets a chance to lock you down. Based on the fact that your ult will take a few seconds to launch, any burst god on the enemy team will be able to kill you before you make it off the ground. Having another member of your team initiate will allow you to clean up kills and provide plenty of backline damage. This is my first guide, but I plan on doing one for almost every god starting with those I have gotten to diamond (Apollo, Ymir, Kukulkan and Neith). I hope you use this build and as always I would like to hear your feedback. - Thyrst
  4. Altros(OD)

    Avalanche Den Guide

    The shortest (and best) dungeon introduced with the release of 50 content. The only real boss in this dungeon is the Angler Yeti at the end. That being said, there are general strategies that can speed up these already fast mini bosses. The Mighty Chubarro Hunter Yeti Chief Angler Yeti
  5. Hello I am Lena, as of right now I am 1700 gold-rank summoner who enjoys pvp and pve. Dungeons completed: Nightshade Harbor (4-man) Nightshade Harbor (6-man) Bloodshade Harbor (24-man) Mushin's Tower (7F) Blackram Supply (4-man) Blackram Supply (6-man) Blackram Supply Chain (24-man) Brightstone Ruins (Solo) Summoner Difficulty: 2 / 5 stars difficulty rating - Noob Friendly Pros -Overpowered -Can overpower anyone who doesn't know their class very well -Easy to learn -Has good sustain; if spec into it -Has great burst damage -People love you in pve, due to your heals / cat tanking -Lots of CC -Stealth -Range class -Low skill cap -Has some amount of AoE / Single target burst -Matching costumes for you and your cat! Cons -Has little escapes from cc -Squishy without cat -Cat's AI can be derpy; lacks little control over cat -Hard to master -Little invulnerability frames -People mistake you as a healer class -Lyn only -Hard to master and perfectly micromanage -Requires some micromanaging skills for cat Pvp: Since summoners have little invulnerability frames, they are not very good against hard cc classes such as Force Masters and Kung fu Masters. Summoners are also weak to gap closers. When fighting difficulty: Kung Fu Masters: Very Hard - Easy Force Master: Hard - Normal Summoner: Hard Destroyer: Hard Blade Dancer: Hard - Easy Assassin: Hard - Easy Blade Master: Normal - Easy Reasoning behind ranges, is because summoner is a range class. So a summoner can easily fight melee and have an easy time against them. If they don't know how to play their classes but at high-skilled play These classes can prove a threat if they know what they are doing. My PVP Build: I go for high cc potential! instead of high burst but for fighting KFM's it might be better to go for high burst instead of high cc, since they can easily block your cc. This build is also good for 7F Mushin's Tower Junghado. https://bnstree.com/SU?build=450200210131107541082120031206411051110642137111112111211304312112220222209111093220132 My PVE Build: I got for high utility while still maintaining burst damage. When soloing brightstone spec into 3 points into true friend for extra heals. Something to keep in mind is Crouching Tiger Taunt is situational. If there is already a tank in the group keep aggro put you points in Grasping Roots Tier 3 or something. https://bnstree.com/SU?build=450200210141107541084111031200312064310521106421112111221202232093220132 Main Stat Needed: Crit > Attack Power > HP > Accuracy/Piercing > Evasion Soul Shield: Mushins Tower Critical / Bloodshade Harbor Critical
  6. Saffron


    Athena is a great melee support magical guardian, she is great way to make you understand how to be use full as team mate and how to function as support, mage, and guardian ... You get all of that in this single god, she is very simple to play but I still feel I should post some things that could help you player her with some reason... But first things first lets talk about her abilities: Abilities: Athena's passive is "Reach" just a fancy passive that makes your next attack ranged (Athena trows her spear) after you have used an ability. 1) First ability is called "Preemptive Strike" - Athena's charges up her dash (cca 1 second before charged) once she dashes she get stack of block if she hits enemy god (block like the name it self's says blocks basic attack from enemy god) she can go trough all minion in her path. 2) Second ability is "Confound" - Athena taunts enemy gods making them attack you or chase you (depending on distance). 3) Third "Shield Wall" - Athena surrounds herself with Solders that deal dmg on arrival, and after 2 seconds they deal additional dmg. 4) The Ultimate "Defender of Olympus" - Athena selects an allied god and she channels her ability and lunches her self in air and dropping in allied location dealing a lot of dmg after 4.2 seconds Items: keep in mind that in every game you have to change your builds of items to adapt to enemy especially when you play Athena since she has more then one role in game. So I will post ONE of my builds that I use and that is good in all maps: Shoes of the Magi are maybe the only item you always want as Athena. Many of people like to use Sovereignty (great support item for time because of aura) but I prefer Mystical Mail (Something like sunfire cape in League of Legends) Hide of Nemean Lion (something like Thornmail in League of Legends). Gem of Isolation is one of my favorite item with all mages because it gives you a lot of mana and lot of health and quite some magical power and slows enemy with every ability by 2 seconds. Void Stone is another great one since it gives you magical power, provides you magical protection and it reduces enemy's magical protection can it get better Using abilities: You should really max out your Shield Wall and Confound, this is important part use your Shield Wall before Confound. I noticed that this is really problem with a lot of Athena's out there and I want to make my clan mates better so trust me Shield wall before Confound. Why you ask? Because if you use Shield Wall before Confound you get enough time for Shield Wall's second effect to deal dmg, if you do opposite it just won't work you will deal less dmg. Trust me I know . Use your Preemptive Strike to engage enemy or run away like I do . People like to use their Ultimate to just to get to lane faster, don't get me wrong that is ok to use, but why don't you want to use your ability in better way to actually do something that can change course of battle, if you are going to use your ultimate on your allied god, type to him so he knows you are jumping so he can move closer to enemy's and then you will deal a way more blow to enemy then just moving faster to your lane. And please use Confound if you want to win . I hope this guide will help everyone if you want to add something to it please post it down here. Good luck in games
  7. Saffron

    Taming animals/dinos

    This is a simple guide for taming and leveling up our pets: To tame animal/dino you need to put him into sleep, you can do that by applying nartocis to your arrows, once you knocked out creature, you will need to keep it into sleep, by giving me either naco berrys or narcotics, but that is not enough, you will need to feed animal with food that it can eat (Scorpions only eat spoliled meat, Raptors eat mean, Parasurs eat berries and so on...) the taming proces can be really long one so be prepared to babysit your new dino for long time (taming depends on type of dino, and what level is it). Don't put every Narcotic that you have with you on dino that you are trying to tame, because if something happens you will lose it all and that would be shame for you and whole Tribe (Clan) So many of people I come across say hey there is high level dino lets tame it. That is such false way of viewing things, why you might ask? Well because Dino has leveled up on it's own, first it will hard to tame, and second it already has invested random skills that could have been used more "wisely". So when you see high level dino just think about how much time you will waste on taming it, for points that you won't be able to use until it levels up (and higher levels level up slowly). What to level up? Every dino has a very specific role in game so point are to be used wisely as well... It would be shame to level up melee damage on Parasuar since his only purpose (so far) is to be your carrying bag for resources. Here is what I know so far that we should put points into (this are priorities): Raptor: at least 500% Meele dmg, and Health is important as well Parasaur: at least 450 Weight, and LOT of Health Pteradon: lot of Stamina, and some Weight Tryke: Stamina, and Weight I will post more once I get to know other stuff, if someone would like to add something regarding this Topic please post it here, if I said something wrong feel free to correct me that is why forums are for (to help us play game better, and have fun)
  8. Saffron

    What item should I buy?

    I see that it is called to my Wisdom again to explain how to do Smite builds. Why I am posting this topic? When you play in team you ask others what should I build and I am perfectly fine with that, in fact I encourage you to ask others for opinion. But what happens when you play alone (not with clan members), who will you ask then? New players will probably have this problem - they simply don't know how to counter enemy build. First of all learn to press Tab button (default - unless you have change it) it will show you your team builds and enemy team builds with scores and rest of not important stuff right now that I don't really want to explain. If you don't know what each item is doing (that enemy has) you can read it by holding alt button and moving your mouses cursor over it, that is if you have time to read it and if you have willpower to do it. If you don't have that then here are some few screenshots that I took so I can visually explain to you how to read enemy summery build: In the right side of score board you should see this 3 icons which summarises enemy's: Magical or Physical stats: Enemy's Defense stats: And enemy's Utility stats: As you can see by my score I know what I am doing by checking enemy's builds often, that is one of the many keys how you can be good Smite player. So after seeing this, you can easily guess if you should buy more offensive items or maybe defensive, what is enemy's weakness... I use this quite often, I would recommend same for you. If anyone has any suggestions about how to even more utilize this option feel free to share it with others here.
  9. Saffron


    So since I am maybe most active Aphrodite player I think it is my turn to post guide So basic rule about playing Aphrodite is to never go alone, never do anything alone. Aphrodite is sustaining support. Her passive (Loving embrace) is perfect for helping carry because it gives 30% of Aphrodites mana Regeneration to her Soulmate (the one that is connect with her trough spell Kiss), Also she shares all good buffs with her soulmates I would warmly recommend following: Abilities: Star game with 3rd (Love birds) ability, and get access to 1st (Kiss) and 2nd (Back off) after that you should max out 3rd (Love birds), every time you get get opportunity to level up ulitmate (Undying love) you should do so, after maxing your 3rd (Love birds), for you next max out you definitely want go for 2nd (Back off). Items: Try to get Lotus crown as fast as you can because its buff are great for sustaining your allies and you (if you kissed them that is ), for next item go for Shoes of magi, DON'T go for Shoes of focus because they are not so great. For next item go for Chronos Pendant (it helps you with cooldowns and mana problems), after those items rest depends on enemy builds and what gods are in game. But you won't make mistake if you go for Gem of isolation (good for slowing down enemy's, grants great amount of magical power and gives you more mana and health). Facing an enemy that has build some magic defense ? Problem is easly solved with Spear of Magus that gaves you magical penetration. If you still think you are not doing enough Magical dmg you should take Rod of Tahuti (something like Rabadons in Leauge of Legends) Using abilities: Always try to stay "connected" to your soulmate so you can use Love birds to heal him/her and yourself, if someone is in need and it is about to die don't hassatate to kiss them to save them with you Undying love or love birds. Try using your Back off ability to shoe away pesky enemy gods from yourself and your soulmate, it also is good crowd control spell. Here are some great examples of saving allies from certain death - Activating Undying love for soulmate before Ymir finishes his ultimate, activating your Undying love before Nu Wa's meteors hit you and your allie, activate you Undying love if your allie or you got stunnder or are under heavy CC.This is well basics of guide for Aphrodite, just remember to enjoy her while you play that is maybe most important advice I can give you , if anyone thinks that I missed anything please post it but I think I covered most of important things P.S. Don't kiss ugly gods
  10. Saffron


    Kukulkan is maybe one of the easiest god to play, since he has huge crowed control and has nice scaling in late game (bursts a lot of dmg), with his great passive Power of the Wind Jewel he can have excellent continuous damage that: his passive increases his magical power by 5% of his mana, so yes you should get as many mana and magical power items as you can, just keep in mind that you are very squishy so try not to go in battle heads on, let others do that. Abilities: Kukulkans first ability is called Zephyr the single projectile that hits enemy and slows them down for 3 seconds, second one is Slipstream this ability increases flying ("movement") speed of Kukulkan it lasts 4 seconds and it is great tool for chasing/escaping or just getting from point A to B. Third ability is Whirlwind and it is maybe one of my favorite CC's in game so far , this ability creates a tornado on targeted area that lasts for 4 second if anyone gets "hit" by tornado that god/minion suffers dmg for 2.5 seconds (ONE important thing - Dmged dealt by tornado is doubled per second, so you suffer dmg per 0.5 second). Finally let us not mention Kukulkans ultimate power Spirit of the Nine Winds with it's low cool down, this ability is great nuke, it deals a great amount od dmg and knocks enemys aside (casting is projectile like with 1 second delay - not sure about delay tho) Using abilities: When in battle always stay behind EVERYONE, Kukulkan is pure mage and he is meant to deal lot of dmg from afar. Try using your Zephyr to slow down enemys so you can easly land your Whirlwind and Spirit of Nine Winds for finishing moves, when playing in combination with Ares (and if enemy has no beads) try to land your ultimate before Ares pulls enemys before him this may take some practice or just use your woman intuition , but I have no problem with that. Whirlwind is your main source of dmg and max that ability first and like I said it is great CC so use it to zone out enemys. Slipstream is the last ability to max out but it doesn't mean it is bad, in fact it is very good for running away I use it quite often . Items: I will just make it simple, get as many mana and magical power so you can get most of your passive and you will do just fine. This is well basics of guide for Kukulkan, if anyone thinks that I missed anything please post it but I think I covered most of important things