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Found 1 result

  1. ChrisSpeck(OD)

    How To Setup TSM Sniper Algorithm

    Sniper set up (This is work created by someone else, BilisOnyxia, thanks man, amazing stuff, see the end of the post for his links.) Please make sure you download ALL THE OFFICIAL TSM MODULES, or this won't work. Most of you will want to make sure you have unchecked the box "Below Vendor Sell Price" in sniper settings. You can find this option by going to options, module options, shopping and unchecking that box. This will avoid all those nonsense items worth trash from showing up on your sniper window, distracting you from the good deals. Step 1: Type /tsm and go to TSM features at the top and then go to "Custom Price Sources", then make a custom price name exactly "minprice" without the quotations, then in the box, paste this string in: max(min(DBHistorical, DBGlobalMarketAvg, DBGlobalHistorical, DBRegionMarketAvg, DBRegionHistorical), VendorSell) reload your ui by typing /reload ui Step 2: Type /tsm to pull up tsm window, go to the options button at the top, then under module options, click on shopping and go look at the Sniper Options section, then in the box called "Below Custom Price ('Oc' to disable)", paste in this string in that box: check(minprice - 100000g, 90% minprice, check(minprice - 50000g, 80% minprice, check(minprice - 10000g, 60% minprice, check(minprice - 5000g, 50% minprice, check(minprice - 1000g, 30% minprice, check(minprice - 500g, 20% minprice)))))) What this string means is this: If an item's value is greater than 100k gold, use 90%. If an item's value is greater than 50k gold, use 80%. If an item's value is greater than 10k gold, use 60%. If an item's value is greater than 5k gold, use 50%. If an item's value is greater than 1k gold, use 30%. If an item's value is greater than 500g gold, use 20%. If an item's value is equal to or less than 500g, will ignore. How this string functions at the Auction House: It checks per item, so when it is seen, it'll apply that whole formula to it, if it matches the criteria, it will show. More details on this can be found here: Here the man himself explains his sniper set up in more detail https://www.reddit.com/r/woweconomy/comments/3ax9av/anyone_else_have_a_tsm_sniper_rule_theyre_proud/cshb5x9 https://www.reddit.com/user/bilisonyxia