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Found 1 result

  1. MelodicRose(OD)

    Final Fantasy XIV Interest Thread

    Hey OD people, I know this has been done before, but I’m not quite ready to just give up on this game and the people who were and are still interested in FFXIV. Back on August 1st, FFXIV became a squad under the leadership of Washu. The squad had a large amount of promise and a really nice turnout for a squad in OD. We started out with almost enough players to create a division, most of these members were extremely active as well. There was expressed interest in hosting events based around dungeons, as well as interest in PVP related activities as we leveled our characters daily. As the month progressed, the activity of our members dwindled as there was lack of group activities being done and limits on what we had access to in the Free Company. Ultimately, our active players in the squad have reached near nothing. I’m creating this thread to see if we still, indeed, have players within Overdosed that have an expressed interest in FFXIV. Currently, the squad is housed on Sargatanas, a Legacy server, within Washu’s Free Company. For the most part, this Free Company is inactive, so we are in a predicament but are working to sort out and discuss with Washu what we can do to bring life back to the squad that we were so excited for. We also would like to start recruiting outside of OD as well, which would potentially bring new faces and friends to OD. Some basic information about FFXIV: The game is a paid MMORPG game, which is it’s only downside that I have found thus far. You can purchase time cards that are $15 on top of purchasing the game itself. The payments are monthly, much like Wow, in which you pay a fee each month to continue playing. As you continue to buy time to play, however, you unlock little goodies known as Veteran Rewards that you can have on your character. There are also some really awesome DLC packages (Stormblood is the most recent, I believe. It’s about $40 and includes the first DLC in it, if I am reading this correctly). These DLC unlock new levels, new areas, and new classes that you can only play if you have this DLC. There are a lot of classes and jobs. You start out with your main class upon character creation and level through the quests with it. However, at any point after lv10, you can collect the starting class quests for ANY other class/job in the game as well and level them. You can easily switch between these classes by switching your main weapon or by switching your item sets. The jobs also have some really nice perks and items you can create with these jobs. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/a_realm_reborn/game/#!/classes DUNGEONS. Some of them are kind of challenging, but I think that’s what makes them most exciting. You can queue for dungeons with the Duty Finder, which pairs you with random people in classes that are missing (if you’re a healer or a tank, you are a hot item in the Duty Finder), or you can queue up with friends and guild members. Once people within the squad and the Free Company (FFXIV’s equivalent of a guild) level up, dungeons are something that we WANT to do together. Lots of questlines and side quest lines. A pretty addictive story Beautiful graphics and skillcasts. With this being said, if you are interested in any of the above things listed, please comment below! If you have prior knowledge of the game, please let us know what Data Center and World you’d be interested in the squad being located at. If you have any suggestions or ideas on anything else, whether it be what we can be for group activities to how we can recruit, post those too! We want this squad to be successful and we’re willing to put in the work to get it back to a successful state.