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Found 8 results

  1. LLD Level 18 Tournament. Round 2 THIS EVENT IS SCHEDULED FOR Saturday November 17th 2018 @ 8PM CST contestants will be required to post within this thread with the following layout: Character Name/Class/Build The current LLD Rules in place by Membership(OD) will stand indefinitely, and they are as stated: ---OD/D2 LLD RULES - All Hybrid Runewords are banned - No Mods/Hacks/Programs of any kind - Both parties must say Go to begin the round - No Traps / Missiles / Curses / Attacks of any kind may be casted prior to your opponent saying 'Go' - Towning or Teleporting passed Flavie and Bridges in case of a Bridge Map results in a loss (however being pushed in town via Mind Blast / Leap / Telekinesis is not just come back out) - If you accidentally town, immediately come directly back out, otherwise this will result in a loss - Do not leave town once you die - Do not cast anything or use any aura once you die (IE: Oak, Shadow, Golem, Mediation, etc) - Ties are null duels - naked killing will result in a disqualification! also is considered BM/cheating. - No consumables. Pots of following (life/juv/thawing/antidote) - Intentional life leeching monsters, or killing monsters for life per kill is banned. - No +Max Res% (75 res all) - No Holy Freeze or Slow of any kind - Overly defensive playing/boxing can result in a disqualification - No excessive use of houses - No prebuffing - No Poison Length Reduction gear is allowed unless it is on your normal gear. i.e. you can not stash to put on deaths gloves just because you're dueling a plague zon Paladin Specific Rules: - No Single Resistance Auras may be used or skilled - Holy Bolt Is Banned - Redemption is Banned - Meditation / Cleansing are not banned however using them other than purposes of removing curses or mana regeneration is banned - More than 1 base prayer is banned - No Holy Freeze Zon Rules: -No slow missiles. Druid Rules: -No recasting cyclone armor -No more then 2 summons (wolf's/bear/sage's/creeper's) Barbarian Specific Rules: -Battle Orders may only be casted on yourself,Or Barb vs Barb, unless both teams have a Barb, and both teams agree on being BO'd, no bo or shout vs any other class but barbs Necro Rules: -No Bone prisons -No bone walls -No Recasting Bone Armor -Only Amplify damage and Lower res curses allowed. -Only 5 summons (skelly,revives,mages/Golems) for lvl 30 only -No summons in any Lvl 9 duel's or Ironman's Sorc Rules:` -NO Insight is allowed on ES builds -No recasting frozen armor` Assassian Rule -No Recast of Shadow --- If you are interested in joining our squad, or giving LLD a try please message Membership(OD) or Wichita(OD). We can help you gear a budget character to help get you started, however for the purpose of competing in this event, gear will not be provided. Of course this event entails rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! The 1st place reward of the tier 18 lld event will be 250fg. The 2nd place reward of the tier 18 lld event will be 150fg. the 3rd place reward of the tier 18 lld event will be 75fg.
  2. Slum(OD)

    SSFHC Event Delve

    This is a Solo Self Found Hardcore Event Hosted by Slum(OD) and Lacer(OD) The Goal is to reach the Beach Map after completing Act10 The event starts 11/3/2018 The event closes 11/10/2018 You must post a S/S of your new char lvl 1 when signing up for the event. If you die. You are allowed to remake you character as long as you use the same character name You must post a S/S of your char in the Beach Map in order to win the event. The first member to reach the Beach will Receive 6 Ex The second member to reach the Beach will Receive 3 Ex The third player to reach the Beach will Receive 1 Ex If no one is able to reach the Beach. The Prizes will be distributed by the Highest level achieved
  3. Flinn(OD) and I have completed this run so we know that is it possible (Yes, it takes quite a while to complete it. Our run took 90minutes in total and endless deaths) The Rules: Solo or 2 player Team Required Level 30 Characters You Must have an OD Member in game to verify (This Member is allowed to buy you health/mana pots and drop you gold for repairs) No one is allowed to teleport for you (Teleport Staffs Exist @ lvl 30) No one is allowed to clear areas for you No one is allowed to Bo for you (Unless you have a Barbarian Lvl 30 teammate) Post a SS of your char Level at the beginning of the Run for each team member Post a SS of your chars at the end of the run with Torch 350FG Prize for completion. First Team to Post SS of their run wins. Additional 100fg will be awarded for a full video of the run.
  4. Hey guys, I'll be hosting a late night event this Sunday (April 29th) to play Mad Takes! Anyone can participate. Here's the website we'll be using: http://www.madtakes.com/ The fun of it will depend on your creativity. Coarse language is accepted. "N-bombs" will not be tolerated. Will take place at around 5:00 PM EDT on Sunday, April 29th, 2018, 21st century. To avoid crowding and chaos, only up to five people (including myself) can participate. If it goes smoothly, then I'll think about increasing the number of participants for the next time. How to play: 1. Pick one of the topics on http://www.madtakes.com/. 2. Ask the others in the TS channel to fill in a required field (ex. noun, verb, verb ending in "ed", famous person, occupation, etc.). 3. Read the finish product (don't tell the name of the adlib you picked until you start reading it). Rules: 1. No N-bombs 2. Everyone gets a turn 3. Have fun!
  5. Washu(OD)

    FFXIV AM Team Events

    Okay, we have four of us so far, and while that isn't much to really knock things out I'd like to get started if possible. SO, to that I would like to set up our first AM event for those who can attend. The target: Garuda EXTREME farming for the mount! Requirements: Level 50 Combat Class Access to Garuda EX (Must have completed Ultimate Weapon Main Scenario Quest) Time: 12:30pm EST Day: Tuesday, October 24 RSVP
  6. Criaric, frank, champ,and i have created a GUESS THAT THEME SONG event. We've complied 5 songs for every hero and even some potential yet to be released heroes. the object of the event is to guess the most correct songs out of everyone. Points will be given based on the Tier of the song ranging from 1-5. The event will be hosted in a jeopardy like style which we will finalize before the event. This is extremely fun we've spent hours finding the rights songs some are painfully obvious were as others are dreadfully difficult overall it some be some good fun.All songs will be played through my TS music bot . The winner of this event will receive a one rank promotion ( WO4 or lower ) and a medal. Official date will be posted on TS and updated here once its set in stone video purely for entertainment
  7. Lol where we can all watch one movie in one room. (I know it might be chaos but it will be fun.) Movies night will be done at 7pm eastern, saturday. Unless stated otherwise. People are free to post suggestions just keep the movies PG-13 and below. I prefer to rotate genres, so people have to pick a film for that week's genre but the film is majority's vote. If you guy's do want a community movie night, feel free to pick our movie night's first genre in poll. I wish to get a bunch of people for our movie night Due to having young adults in the clan, please keep your movies PG-13 or below so that everyone can join the film. No rated R film's. Sorry Ravemore you will just have to watch your X-film in your own time. I have yet to decide how we are all going to watch the movie, somebody can use Rabbit and other if they wanted to, can use their own link and watch at the same time as us. Please make sure if you are the streamer for that film, that you have a legal copy of the film. (ex: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube movies) I am not publicizing pirating movies in Clan Overdosed due to legal use. BTW: Rabbit is a streaming site where one person can stream a movie from there device so everyone can watch. It's free but you have to sign up to use the HD feature, again it's free. PLEASE READ BELOW TO AVOID CLUTTER WHEN POSTING MOVIES PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT This is an example, you may add the trailer, and or summary but it's optional (Below you will find a copy and paste format) : Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Length: 2 hours 37 minutes Rating: PG-13 Trailer and/or Summary: -Copy and Paste Stuff- Title: Length: Rating: Trailer and/or Summary(Optional):
  8. Criaric(OD)

    Potential Recruitment Event

    Seeing as the Server Browser is pretty cool way to setup custom games and let random people join. I figured why not hold an event where we get a few OD:OW Members together monthly / biweekly and host a recruitment day. Where we host fun custom games and in between games and even during we chat with the random users that pass through and tell them about the clan if they are interested. Participation could award medals as well as be a good way to meet members of the current and or future ODOW Division. Examples: Anna Dodgeball Reinhardt / Tracer Tag and Sombra / Winston Hide and Seek