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Found 1 result

  1. SupremeJester

    December 2017 Award Nominations

    Welcome to the December 2017 Overdosed Award Nominations Announcement! I know you're all excited to get started on this! So without further ado! Here are some simple rules and categories for nominations. For those of you that are new here is the breakdown of how this works Nominations ------> Voting ----> Results ---->Awards This first week is the nomination phase. Nominations must be sent in by PM on either the website or the forum here (not posted publicly), you can't nominate yourself, and you can't nominate more than one person (except for the Top Division Players). You don't have to nominate someone for every award, but the more the better! Nomination week will go from December 14th - December 22nd, so be sure to have them in before the end of December 22nd!!! Here is the total award list. Clan Awards The Overdosed Award Best General Best Officer Best Member (Enlisted - MWO5) Division with most recent Growth Best Recruiter Most promising new Division Community Awards Most Sociable on Teamspeak The Jeeves Award (Always there when you need them) Most Effective Problem-Solver Best Avatar on Forum or Teamspeak Big Brother Award (Always reminding us when we forget things) Gaming Awards Participates in Most Divisions Top Division Players (Can nominate one person per Division) Best Team Player Most Improved Gamer Most Helpful Gamer Superlative Awards Puppy Dog Award (Always happy no matter what happens) Most Idle Member Quietest Member The Perfect Angel Award (Always complimenting others) Most Ominous Member You can post here if you have questions, but do not post your nominations here! Edit how you see fit, but we can at least get a good start on things...