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Found 1 result

  1. Antorus Raid Boss Guide

    Antorus the Burning Throne is the new raid that was released this week. We went in Tuesday but were not properly prepared. Like last time I have gathered information from any source I could and collected it for a post here for easy reference. This information is from FatbossTV and WoWhead, giving credit where it is due. First off, please make sure you have read/watched the videos for the raid, and that you come on time and prepared for the raid on Tues 7pm-10pm, Sun 8pm-11pm for the main group, and Sat 8pm-11pm for Tim's alt raid group(all times are est/realm time). If you have any questions about the raid please ask the raid team (Thuglife(OD), Moon(OD), Lojac(OD), Triny(OD) ) Below will be a post for each boss.