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Found 5 results

  1. Hello my fellow deckbuilders, I have decided to restart the Hearthstone Community Nights, and I will be using the first Challengestone rules. This is wild format, using the Conquest Tournament format (players must win with all 3 decks). Rules: Players may only use EVEN mana spells, and ODD attack minions. There are no restrictions on Weapons. Players build 3 decks, and must only have 1 deck per class. Players must also disclose there chosen classes to me before the tournament begins. Players who (accidentally) include cards that are not allowed will forfeit that game, and will have to make the necessary adjustments between matches, should they win. Players are allowed to test ahead of time, and find combos that suit them. It will be Conquest Format, so you must win with each of your decks to win the match. As I am not in a position to give out a monetary prize, the winner of the whole night will receive a medal, and points towards an end of the year Grand Tournament (the prize there will most likely be a blizzard gift card). As this is a fun tournament, no form of BM or rudeness will be tolerated. The Hearthstone Community Night is open to all players, and will be happening on Wednesday, March 8th at 6 PM CST. ThyrstOD
  2. ThyrstOD

    Hearthstone Tournament

    I will be holding a HS tournament on Saturday the 29th of October at 6 PM CST, at the request of a few members. It will be a standard conquest format, and first place shall receive a medal and a promotion, and second place will receive a medal. This tournament will be recorded and streamed in order to promote an anti-drug/pro gaming piece for Links(OD), in regards to a college assignment. RULES: Each player brings 3 decks and you must win with all 3 in order to advance. Once you win with a deck, you cannot use it again and you must pick one of your remaining decks to play with. If you lose with a deck you may continue to use that deck or select a new one from your remaining 3. You may only use 1 deck per class, and all decks must be submitted before the start of the tournament (Oct 29th, 6 CST). This is a standard tournament, so only cards from this standard season may be used (No GvG or Naxxramus). Please sign up below and I will create the brackets as people join.
  3. Based on the randomness of the latest tavern brawl, I have decided to host another HS community night on Friday 15th of July at 7 CST. I understand that this is short notice, but due to the nature of the TB release schedule I find that this is the best time to host another community night. In this TB, classes are chosen by the player and the decks are randomly filled with neutral and class specific minions. Every time you play a minion, you cast a random spell (any spell, not a spell equal to the mana cost of that specific minion, which was a TB from a few months ago). Use your wits and your skill, along with a little luck, to defeat your opponents in the second community night in HS.
  4. ThyrstOD

    Hearthstone Community Night

    Our first Hearthstone Community Night is tomorrow! For anyone interested, for all players new and old, we will be hosting a Hearthstone Community Night starting Friday the 27th at 7pm CST, and hopefully making a weekly occurrence in OD. For info about this, I made a post outlining and discussing the idea of it here. <http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64128-friday-night-hearthstone/> For all those who are interested and planning on participating tomorrow, I have written the rules and special game rules for this event. It will be a round robin tournament (everyone will play everyone else) and it will be just for fun and bragging rights, but if there is enough of a turnout I will consider doing monetary or Blizzard related prizes in the future. It will be a fun variant on arena mode in constructed. Rules: 3 decks. First to 3 wins. Must win with every deck. May remake (using arena simulator) 1 deck between matches (after BO5 sets, not between games). If you don’t have all cards picked, you must take the cards from the chart (see below) to fill your deck. This entire community night tournament will be held on the honour system, unless a players actions dictate that proof must be shown (I.E. Making multiple versions of one deck, being dishonest about what cards were picked in arena simulator, etc.). And Have Fun! Card Chart (If you draw duplicates or do not have the card you drew, consult the chart. Note, you MUST pick in order that the cards appear on the chart, NOT based on what order you choose). Card Chart: 2x Novice Engineer 2x Reckless Rocketeer 2x Gnomish Inventor 2x Magma Rager 1x 5 Cost Spell 1x 4 Cost Spell 2x Shattered Sun Cleric 2x Nightblade 2x Goldshire Footman 2x Gurabashi Berserker 1x 3 Cost Spell 1x 2 Cost Spell 2x Sen’jin Shieledmaster 2x Ironforge Rifleman 2x Stormpike Commando 1x Chillwind Yeti 1x Boulderfist Ogre 2x Angry Chicken Arena Simulator: <http://www.hearthpwn.com/arena>
  5. ThyrstOD

    Friday Night Hearthstone

    Me and Tehe have been brainstorming the idea of running some sort of tournament in Hearthstone for several weeks now, but we wanted to come up with something innovative and fun that would be more inclusive to new Hearthstone players then the standard Conquest tournament format. Based on the diverse skill level of the Hearthstone players here in OD, we will be doing a monthly or bi-weekly (even weekly if there is enough interest) night of fun, community based game modes and challenges similar to the competitive Hearthstone tournament Challengestone. Challengestone is a fun variation on the standard format of Hearthstone, forcing veteran players out of their comfort zones and allowing for a more in-depth look at the different mechanics of the game for newer, less experienced players. Challengestone is a meta changing version the will restrict some cards and set rules and boundaries for decks (such as a specific mana cost or the attack + health of a minion added together). These fun changes can shake up the game and give a new perspective on playing Hearthstone. While we haven't fully formed an exact idea of how we want these Hearthstone community nights to look yet, this post will serve to raise interest and allow us to find out how many people would be interested in participating. Please respond if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions or concerns. - Thyrst