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Found 3 results

  1. ThyrstOD

    Smite 3v3 Tournament Teams

    Sign ups closed and the teams have been fairly divided. Teams are as follows: Team A Ravemore Complax Terra Team B Biill ThyrstOD Xayj Team C Fury1o1 Alarlord Sivart777 Team D Gherskom Vesselofsatan Scrie Subs L2dusk All rules are posted here: <http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64350-smite-3v3-tournament/> All teams are allowed 1 reschedule per match (BO3), and after that if they have another no show and cannot find a sub to play, they will forfeit the first game and after an additional 15 minutes, the team will forfeit there second game of the match. All round robin games are to be played between Monday the 25th and Friday the 29th of July. Bracket games will take place on Saturday the 30th. This allows all teams to play together for a week before the tournament begins. Please comment your team names below, and I will create another topic for posting scores once the tournament begins.
  2. ThyrstOD

    Smite 3v3 Tournament

    Smite administration has come together and decided that we will be holding another 3v3 tournament in the coming weeks, due to popular demand that we host another after the success of the first 3v3 tournament. Please comment below if you wish to participate. Tournament sign ups will end on Friday at midnight PST. Once sign ups are complete, a committee will fairly divide teams and the tournament schedule and teams will be posted on forums. The tournament will begin approximately one week after sign ups finish, which will give all teams a chance to practice together before it starts. More information will be released once we know how many people are competing. This will be a round robin best of 3 tournament, with the top 4 teams advancing to BO3 semifinals, and BO5 finals. Each game will be 6 draft/ban and will be standard joust 1500 gold starting level 3. Prizes: 1st Place: 400 gems per player, a promotion and a medal. 2nd Place: A medal. Rules: 1. Be respectful and GM to everyone. 2. If a player does not show up on time for a match, their team will forfeit the first game and after 10 minutes, the second game will be forfeited as well. 3. If a player can not play or does not show up on time and another, non-tournament member is available to play, the player who does not show up will be removed from their team and forfeit all prizes to the player who takes their place. 4. All types of harrassment before, during and after games are strictly forbidden and may result in removal from the tournament or further punishment. 5. Whenever possible, matches will be spectated by a designated referee, to make sure games are fair. 6. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Saffron

    Smite free gems

    For those who didn't know Smite rewards active and loyal players that login everyday, for each day that player plays smite they get favor (in game currency) for every 6th and 7th day player login's in Smite they will receive gems (something like riot points in Leauge of legends) With recent update Smite has implemented new achievements system, one of new features of this system is free gems... Here is a link to one of achievements that when completed gives you free gems (link bellow) http://i.imgur.com/RNx7Rcf.jpg If anyone that has not yet started to play Smite and it is considering it, I would say give it a try maybe it is game for you. Hope everyone enjoys game.