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Found 11 results

  1. Purplez(OD)

    Reminder of why you joined Clan OD?

    Just a friendly reminder of why we joined Clan OD. Joining a clan like Overdosed means joining a community that is known for being well mannered, totally legit, and friendly! Sure we all want to level up as fast as we can during D2's reset, however, it's important that you give back to fellow clan members as well as take. Please try and take some time out of your personal leveling, mfing, or busy gaming time to help other Clan members! If you are doing a rush for one, it's just as easy to do it for several. Post it in the channel. If you are leveling privately and have room, tell fellow clan members. Try to be a "giving" part of the Clan, not just somebody that always "takes". I'm always willing to help, although I don't have teleport, so my rushing is even slower than ever, but I have alot of wps and can help. I don't even as for purple threads at this time haha
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. tehe99(OD)

    Community game night?

    would anyone be interested in doing either wild or standard tournaments within hearthstone. We could get together anyone that is interested and have them brainstorm ideas about what they would like to play and if there is someone that wants to take the reins and formulate a play style within this meeting would be the place! Any ideas for when this meeting should take place or what would work best for you, feel free to reply.
  4. Hello my fellow deckbuilders, I have decided to restart the Hearthstone Community Nights, and I will be using the first Challengestone rules. This is wild format, using the Conquest Tournament format (players must win with all 3 decks). Rules: Players may only use EVEN mana spells, and ODD attack minions. There are no restrictions on Weapons. Players build 3 decks, and must only have 1 deck per class. Players must also disclose there chosen classes to me before the tournament begins. Players who (accidentally) include cards that are not allowed will forfeit that game, and will have to make the necessary adjustments between matches, should they win. Players are allowed to test ahead of time, and find combos that suit them. It will be Conquest Format, so you must win with each of your decks to win the match. As I am not in a position to give out a monetary prize, the winner of the whole night will receive a medal, and points towards an end of the year Grand Tournament (the prize there will most likely be a blizzard gift card). As this is a fun tournament, no form of BM or rudeness will be tolerated. The Hearthstone Community Night is open to all players, and will be happening on Wednesday, March 8th at 6 PM CST. ThyrstOD
  5. Wichita(OD)

    Drunken(optional) Karaoke night

    Greetings, Family! the Diablo 2 community is eager to announce that we will be hosting yet another Drunken Karaoke Night! All Divisions, All ages, All pitches, All are welcome! Drunken Karaoke Night's date will now be discussed openly between all divisions within the community thread due to the scheduling conflicts regarding the dates, which have previously collided with Drunken Rocket League. As of now I will be motioning for our next Drunken Karaoke Night to take place on Friday, February 24th. Saturday the 25th also works. Any Questions/Comments/Concerns may be handled within the Melodic depths of this thread. Spank you very much, TannerBallZ
  6. Based on the randomness of the latest tavern brawl, I have decided to host another HS community night on Friday 15th of July at 7 CST. I understand that this is short notice, but due to the nature of the TB release schedule I find that this is the best time to host another community night. In this TB, classes are chosen by the player and the decks are randomly filled with neutral and class specific minions. Every time you play a minion, you cast a random spell (any spell, not a spell equal to the mana cost of that specific minion, which was a TB from a few months ago). Use your wits and your skill, along with a little luck, to defeat your opponents in the second community night in HS.
  7. ThyrstOD

    Hearthstone Community Night

    Our first Hearthstone Community Night is tomorrow! For anyone interested, for all players new and old, we will be hosting a Hearthstone Community Night starting Friday the 27th at 7pm CST, and hopefully making a weekly occurrence in OD. For info about this, I made a post outlining and discussing the idea of it here. <http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64128-friday-night-hearthstone/> For all those who are interested and planning on participating tomorrow, I have written the rules and special game rules for this event. It will be a round robin tournament (everyone will play everyone else) and it will be just for fun and bragging rights, but if there is enough of a turnout I will consider doing monetary or Blizzard related prizes in the future. It will be a fun variant on arena mode in constructed. Rules: 3 decks. First to 3 wins. Must win with every deck. May remake (using arena simulator) 1 deck between matches (after BO5 sets, not between games). If you don’t have all cards picked, you must take the cards from the chart (see below) to fill your deck. This entire community night tournament will be held on the honour system, unless a players actions dictate that proof must be shown (I.E. Making multiple versions of one deck, being dishonest about what cards were picked in arena simulator, etc.). And Have Fun! Card Chart (If you draw duplicates or do not have the card you drew, consult the chart. Note, you MUST pick in order that the cards appear on the chart, NOT based on what order you choose). Card Chart: 2x Novice Engineer 2x Reckless Rocketeer 2x Gnomish Inventor 2x Magma Rager 1x 5 Cost Spell 1x 4 Cost Spell 2x Shattered Sun Cleric 2x Nightblade 2x Goldshire Footman 2x Gurabashi Berserker 1x 3 Cost Spell 1x 2 Cost Spell 2x Sen’jin Shieledmaster 2x Ironforge Rifleman 2x Stormpike Commando 1x Chillwind Yeti 1x Boulderfist Ogre 2x Angry Chicken Arena Simulator: <http://www.hearthpwn.com/arena>
  8. Spike3198 (OD)

    Overdosed Community Gaming Night

    This is refering to the to discussed Community Gaming Night in the community meeting 9/20/15. So first if we could get game ideas? Please reframe from any pay to play games, pay to win games, or any single or non-community games. Please include your game name and a game intro video or link. The games that could overall fit the community will be put in a poll and voted for.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Squad What is the Community Squad? The Community Squad is a group initiative started by VanGrimOD and OptimusMikeOD. Our goal is to recruit individuals with great talents such as planning, organization and creativity who are looking to improve our clan and league of legends division. What does the Community Squad do? The Community Squad’s main goal is to improve the quality of our division through not only events and activities, but by also managing the systems and ethics that shape the current division we know today.TL;DR improve our community. Why should I join? If you require an explanation on why you should join the Community Squad (I am sorry to say) you do not meet the requirements expected to join. Being a Community Squad member is demanding work, and everyone is expected to finish their assigned work by a set deadline. Those who do not have the resolve or determination to help our division and clan become stronger are not cut out of the job. If I join the Community Squad, what kind of work will I be doing? It depends on what kind of member and or position you are registered under. Members who have registered for an executive position will often have weekly work which ranges from typed reports to research inquiries for them to finish. Regular members will only have to do so much as give their input, feedback and opinions on certain things. All members of the Community Squad are expected to help us test things out during any beta phase. If I join as a regular member, can I become an executive at a later time? Most members will start out as a regular member with rare exceptions to those whom have already demonstrated executive material. Climbing the ranks can be as easy or as hard as you choose it to be. That sounds great! How do I climb the ranks? If you really desire to climb the ranks and make a bigger change (for the better) you will figure out how by yourself. No explanation is needed to those whom will become future executives. How often can we expect changes from the Community Squad? Monthly at most. Each month, the Community Squad will work on a specific task, changes or the addition of new system will only be implemented once given the green light (by generals) and has been backed by many trials of testing. This will be explained to members at a later time. I assure everyone that we will not release anything until it is finished, polished, and perfected. How can I apply? Applying is as simple as writing a letter and putting it in the mail. But thankfully the age of computers has made this even simpler for you! Fill out the application below, take as much time as you need. Once finished you may: a. Post it as a reply in this thread. It will be removed but you will receive a confirmation message letting you know that we recieved your application b. Send it to VanGrimOD either through the Private Message System on the forum or on site. I will send you a reply confirmation message. c. E-mail it to odlolCSquad@gmail.com Thank you for your time in joining me for this wonderful project. I look forward to reviewing the applications and working together with those of you who aim to make this division the best it can be. Love & Peace -VanGrimOD
  10. Our mission statement. We strive to make our division the greatest it can be. We do not settle for less. We will not stand idle while there is a problem that we can fix. We strive for perfection. We are a community. We move as one unit. We stand united. We are Clan Overdosed.
  11. VanGrim

    Community Squad Ranks

    Ranks General The Leaders of the Community Squad Specialist Officer After an Officer has demosntrated themselves as General Material, they will be asked to pick a job to specialise in. Whether it is Recon, Field-Work or Strategizing; Spec.Officers will be working as the General's right hand man as they work on solo projects which are imperative for future operations. Spec.Officers will also be able to propose other members up for promotion. Officer You have proven yourself to be trustworthy and exemplary material. As a reward Officers will be given access to private information not available at prior ranks. Officers will be assigned to projects and events to moderate and evaluate. Past this point, any demonstration of poor performance or irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated. Warrant Officer As a WO of the Community Squad you have proven yourself to be a great asset towards the Community Squad and are passionate about your work. You have been known to give well thought out ideas to contribute to discussions and projects, and also take the initiative. Warrant Officers are encouraged to host events of their own such as in-houses, contests and workshops Enlisted Congratulations! You're now officially apart of the team! If you think your world just got easier, think again. As an Enlisted member you are not only a role model to Trial Members but encouraged to go above and beyond your required duties. Unlike as a Trial member, your promotions won't come as easy. Trial Member This is the title given to any member joining. As a Trial member you will be given the opportunity to function as a regular Enlisted member, although as any other Trial, your performance will be evaluated at th end of your Trial process (which will remain unknown). Your assessment will determine whether you move on to the stable rank of enlisted, or dont make the cut. This is your time to shine. Inactive You have become inactive in the Community Squad. If you continue to be inactive you will be removed. Talk to a C-Squad General to come into action.