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Found 3 results

  1. NeoTessla(OD)

    Today @ 10:00pm low level dueling

    Rules: No heirlooms, No spending exterior gold from other characters pets (subject to change) Level 16 Alliance (subject to change) Meet in gold shire No running must cast a damage spell every 8 seconds at least 5 min rounds dps will be measured via party members quest gear green or below game time played on that character for leveling must be submitted Also this is a dry run to trouble shoot and balance so all class and all skills will be allowed including radials and lock down abilities
  2. ThyrstOD

    1v1 Tournament postponed

    Due to this tournaments benefactor, Killer, having to deal with some real life financial and personal issues, he is unable to host the tournament or give out prizes. However, if people still want to play, the Smite administration group would be able to offer a first place prize of a promotion and a medal, and second place will get a medal.
  3. Haag(OD)

    1 v 1 Joust Tournament

    I'm looking to host a 1 v 1 Joust tournament and i'm looking for at least 8 people to participate. As of now i'v decided that first place will receive 800 gems and 2nd will receive 400. I'm looking to do it on Saturday before in houses. The first round or two will be just one game with the later rounds being best of 3 or 5. Later i will put in more rules and banned gods for the tournament. Reply if you'd be interested in participating.