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  1. thats so crazy to see it like that......b.net and our channel was the place to be thats so weird times change....
  2. yeah im just a dlil busy at school but i want to be counter-strike.....hopefully startcraft 2 changes stuff for us
  3. What up peoples........I use to be a gen back in the day. Got into some bad trouble had to get away from things for a while couldn't really tell anyone but ChoBo......now im in college at seton hall for auidology and just doin school work and gettin fucked up on weekends and I got some time during the week to maybe make a comeback and start helping out again....and I remember I made some great friends here and had mad fun back in the day. Been a few a years since I really said anything but I would always check up on the site see whats going on......only comments I really have areee how are ya if you remember me?... nice to meet ya if I havent yet what happened to my good friend BoTooH we use to fuck shit up with bots on b.net haha and Mano we use to play cs till 7 am and the game im thinking about playing are my originals broodwar and counter-strike but mainly counter-strike problem is I forget where do I buy a counter-strike key and what do I do just download steam? embarrassing I dont remember any of this stuff haha oh and I work every other week so I could probably send some funds to our guys for the servers
  4. im not saying dont question im saying theres another way to do it then posting a public forum topic about it in general clan discuss......especially when it comes to a commander you message them and do it privately dont try and bash someone who has earned ultimate respect from many people and call them out that aint righttttt
  5. idk i think its disrespectful to challenge a commander publicly in front on his clan....especially from some1 who wasnt a commander or a highly respected or ranked gen.......its stupid i mean the exception obviously BB cuz sometimes he would just ask for fights cuz hes just plain crazy lol but that would never happen to ChoBo...i feel commanders deserve the most respect and leniency on anything in this clan because if ChoBo wanted them and knew they were qualified im more than satisified with the leadership cuz ChoBo did and still does know what hes doin just in the background as usual so if your going to question r.agnor your questioning ChoBo and thats something i dont think i could ever do or anyone else in this clan could either
  6. she obviously has no experience what so ever because if she did she wouldn't of posted a forum topic about it.....if she ever was a commander or a high rank she would know to keep it private and handle it better than making stupid stuff public....i never would have ever embarrassed or called out or expect to be called out on a forum topic by fellow clansman who has major respect from many people........her opinion isn't invalid but like what does she know that hes wrong? all im sayin is dont judge when you dont know
  7. btw who are you anyway snow white to be judging have you ever been anywhere near a position like commander or even general........i understand both points of view ive been in same situation in every different part of it as the bad guy who disabled someone or getting in trouble for disrespect...r.agnorock obviously a commander for a reason and the members should support his judgment and if they have a problem make it private not public dont be blowin up spotss...i hated that when people were little forum guys that went on everyday and picked fights that was just boring you have a problem let them know dont go all al sharpton or jesse jackson on their azzz
  8. wow im an idiot forget the thing i said i thought snow white was firebabe..........shows the last time i was here wow idk even know how to delete posts either wtf is wrong with me 2nite
  9. wow haha i know havent been in here god knows how long but what is this skipping rank setrank bs? i wish we had this back in the day haha...only person back then that was set was bb but he truly deserved it out of 350 people idk those other people but none can probably compare to bb.... respect is earned not given mofo'sss and commanders trying to do to much when they have generals to do that kinda work sounds typical OD hasnt changed much.....btw firebabe of all people to call others out you call out a commander publicly idk about that one, my opinion shoulda been private i never liked it when things got out and started stupid fights....and you cant tell me or any of the other old people that were in here while u were runnin the show that you didnt show favoritism to other people in clan especially other females since there werent that many
  10. i use to play a lot of broodwar and counter-strike but im retired for now.........i use to be a general here
  11. thats a really good start to introduce yourself even while your a trial member......if i was still in the clan id vote for you
  12. DoSeD

    Gaming PC

    vail knight what is up......you me and botooh use to d2x it up all the time
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