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  1. dgreenbud(OD)


    rb cya man your a great guy i hope i can game with you one day hit me up on aim sometime if your ever up for some gaming on broodwar peace man goodluck in life.
  2. dgreenbud(OD)


    ill have to say after today man i am happy to see you go to i really hope i never chat with you or have to see you on any game..not like you really did that anyway :-(
  3. dgreenbud(OD)


    cya man what wow server you play on ?
  4. dgreenbud(OD)


    damn man sad to see you good i hope you change your mind but you will be missed goodluck with what ever you do.
  5. dgreenbud(OD)

    Decembet BWEMT!

    name:dgreenbud(OD) rank:General SIGN ME UP
  6. dgreenbud(OD)


    ya i think he should be disabled that is meesed up moneybags never did nothing..and you go and demote him for what his recruit said.i should go disable you myself right now
  7. dgreenbud(OD)

    Happy Bday GrinGoooo!

    happy birthday
  8. dgreenbud(OD)

    For South Florida Members

    ya that sucked i was without power for 5 days it went out like sunday 6:30am and back on around friday 8pm.
  9. dgreenbud(OD)

    OD Lan

    ill go aslong as i can smoke some stinkey buds in the place no weed=no dgreenbud
  10. dgreenbud(OD)

    Who / When was your first

    hmm the frist person i meet in the channel i think was warangle or tokyo i was so new too b.net only been playing a day or so and somehow i changed my relam to west and met solidsnake and he gave a a chance to join but i didnt make it and like a coople days later or so he let me in. but the best person i met in the clan besides solid whould have to be waranglr he used to try to help me out alot and showed me how to wall on lt.even now i cant make a good wall most the time oh well form the day i joined i loved this clan and mostly everyone in it hopefuly ill feel the same way about it 3 more years from now..
  11. dgreenbud(OD)

    Jack Thompson's Crusade...

    well maybe this guy is right look cyla thinks hes learned how to defuse and set up explosives just from playing cs bet he thinks he can shoot a desert eagle with one hand too oh well iam all for game where you have to kill people i just think thay should put more brains on the walls and stuff like that.
  12. dgreenbud(OD)

    1 year in OD!

    congrats lets see if you can make it another year
  13. dgreenbud(OD)


    congrats on 500 days in clan
  14. dgreenbud(OD)

    OGJmetcalf(OD) is back!

    welcome back you played dod source yet?its so sweet pm me if you get it and we can game together some day i never play cs 1.6 only cs source and dod source..
  15. dgreenbud(OD)

    anybody play

    anyone play day of defeat source if so what server you like playing on?