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  1. Whore

    Jk, I miss you man. Hope life is treating you well.


    keeping the tradition alive.
  3. Fuck you GrinGo

  4. Fuck you GrinGo

    Am I late to this party or what?
  5. Have you ever....

    Says the person who referenced OD during her last job interview, as I seem to recall you mentioning. would not have the balls to put "Community Administrator for an online gaming group" on my resume.
  6. obligatory..

    Hey hot stuff. Turned neanderthalish with age. In case I forget sir, have an early happy birthday.
  7. obligatory..

    hello, how are you all. I'm interested to see which of you comes out of the wood work this time around.
  8. hello everyone

    Oh god, Steveo and Deathgiant.. panic.
  9. Top of the morning ladies

    Tyrael, you and my mexican neighbors would get along great.. they like to put obnoxious sounding motors on little hatchbacks and lower their rides.
  10. hello everyone

    Mel, just so you know.. I'm glad you're still alive, you vanished and I cried myself to sleep thinking you died. Rob, I just found the TS3 info, i'll hop in more often.
  11. hello everyone

    ahoi hoi.. how are you all? I see you guys picked up a few new games and are still running strong.. if Rob becomes a Commander I'm banning you R.ag
  12. need help finding

    metcalf and flowergirl.. because I miss them, anyone still in contact with them?
  13. Anonymous - Operations

    died... lmao
  14. hrm..

    anymore dota fags? *cough* *looks around for rudeboi*
  15. Checking in...