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  1. SteveO(OD)


    Congrats bud, well deserved.
  2. SteveO(OD)

    Clan Overdosed Fantasy Football League 2015

    Hah, you should have seen me drafting from a phone fighting a 1 bar cell signal. It was a sight to see. I'm back to (semi) civilization now.
  3. SteveO(OD)


    I might rejoin OD for hearthstone if you guys have a good follorwing
  4. SteveO(OD)

    Clan Overdosed Fantasy Football League 2014

    i beat ryan, what more in the world could i ask for?
  5. SteveO(OD)

    Clan Overdosed Fantasy Football League 2014

    Had some family issues and wasn't able to set my lineup this week, sorry guys. I'd pick up marky mark for sure, but Romo is back next week so I don't need him.
  6. SteveO(OD)

    The LoL new kids on the block

    On the same tone, newer players, do whatever you can to be open to positive, constructive criticism or advice. I try to always accept input from anyone, regardless of their skill level, and at least consider it rather than blaming the game or my team. The keys to improve are within yourself. I'm sure all our members are happy to offer tips and advice to help anyone improve their game. Good luck out there!
  7. SteveO(OD)

    Do you like Pantheon?

    True that dude, sounds like a fun build, I might have to try it out!
  8. SteveO(OD)

    Do you like Pantheon?

    I'm not a fan of AP Pantheon, I think he can get pushed out of lane too easily since he can't trade. However, yelling MANTHEON while dropping on someone and doing +100% AP in a big area, that sounds pretty cool.
  9. SteveO(OD)


    As a UB alum, I enjoyed the game once I was sure we were going to lose. edit- that rivers guy is pretty good. he can throw the football pretty well.
  10. SteveO(OD)

    how to be a fucking baller: step one

    Hey, it's killamyster! Sup dude!
  11. SteveO(OD)

    Interested in learning coding.

    I'd agree with the python idea, it's a great first language to learn. Read as much as you can, and write as much as you can. Try to write little projects that perform some task and you'll quickly learn what a language is good at and what it isn't. I don't know much python but maybe check this out. Looks like it has some little projects to try: http://www.pythonchallenge.com/faq.php
  12. SteveO(OD)

    Clan Overdosed Fantasy Football League 2014

    My team is awful. So many injuries. uhg
  13. SteveO(OD)

    Currently streaming My LoL account leveling

    Android should have a twitch app, no? I have Twitch for my iPhone, so I know they have it.
  14. Wait, is this not the current OD motto?
  15. SteveO(OD)

    Soooo who wants to renable me

    Welcome back man!