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  1. Could also include a colon after "include" but it's not terribly necessary. Shouldn't it be "..., in my spare time,..." I'm trying to read that as "in my spare", but it makes no sense.
  2. It's now on eBay, too! http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-iPhone-and-Blend...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. Gnome


    I finished mid-april
  4. Gnome


    "Hell, it's about time" That.. was awesome.
  5. Gnome

    The Bad Plus

    Explore the world that is Keith Moon. Or John Bonham.
  6. Gnome

    About My Absence

    Aww, now my post makes no sense.
  7. Gnome

    About My Absence

    worry about it
  8. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

  9. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

    Requiem For A Dream w00t
  10. Gnome


    Listen to Arcade Fire.
  11. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

    Actually, it's The Trial, but close enough I guess...
  12. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

    Couple of giveaway hints I guess... It's the same actor from Psycho, and based on a novel by Franz Kafka.
  13. Gnome

    Favorite Band Of All Time

  14. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

    Might be a bit obscure, but I've recently seen the movie and read the book, highly recommended!
  15. Gnome

    Guess the Movie Game

    American Beauty? Not sure though, since the picture's in black & white...