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  1. ToG(OD)

    Elite Team Selection

    zzzz, signed up o.O gl hf ~.~
  2. http://winterson.com/2005/06/captions.html http://www.winterson.com/2005/06/episode-i...of-west.html#ha no seriously, check out those links ^^ okies, bbz
  3. ToG(OD)


    now that school's started, i won't have time for BW and TFT anymore, with the amounts of hw i'll be getting each week, i doubt i'd be able to be an active and productive member of Clan OD, so i'm resigning. my 3 month stay in OD was awesome, and i thank everyone for making it that, OD's a really special clan, and i'm sad to leave. if ever i find the time again, won't u guys find it in ur hearts to let me in? =) granted, i'll still have to go thru the recruiting process and crap -.- i would like the stay on the forums tho, so if someone can change my name to just ToG, that would be great. if any of u need me for anything, my AIM's liketotalk88 and my bnet name (west/east) is TOloseGT. gl hf
  4. ToG(OD)

    Words of Wisdom

    trutru, only then can Clan OD become #1 in every game =)
  5. ToG(OD)


    OD Name: ToG(OD) OD Rank: Chief Warrant Officer CWO4
  6. ToG(OD)

    Hooray For WO's!

  7. ToG(OD)

    Come On People Post More Here

    -.-v this forum is the sh1t
  8. ToG(OD)

    man im ######ed and so is all of florida

    yea, i heard about the hurricanes, gl.
  9. ToG(OD)

    BGH clan Map?

    depends on what the meaning of "money maps" is. cuz rules clearly state no money maps -.-v if it means "no more than 3000 minerals per patch", then no BGH, if it means "all blizz maps", then probably. up to generals.
  10. ToG(OD)

    What IS your opinion?

    the constitution makes us look cool...that's like the only real reason it's there. we didn't need a constitution and never will.
  11. ToG(OD)

    Yippe im a MW05 Again

  12. ToG(OD)


    i come here.
  13. ToG(OD)

    Come On People Post More Here

    i can't go into the Member's Only forum.
  14. ToG(OD)

    Who Likes this Forum?

    we WO's need to stick together. being promoted or demoted into other groups = traitor =l
  15. ToG(OD)

    Warrant Officer's Final Fantasy Discussion

    i liked tactics, always did =). FF7 was a fun game, a bit too long for me but still cool. FFX2 = wtf?