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  1. R.agnarok(OD)

    Website development tool

    Dreanweaver is the worst you can use, it's drag and drop gui adds a lot of garbage code and it's detrimental to your learning since you won't even know how it did those things. Apanta is fine, but it's an IDE, you need to learn the difference between a text editor and an IDE, the most common text editors are notepad++, atom and sublime text. Still it depends on what language you are coding. Apanta is fine if you are only going to do html/css for now.
  2. R.agnarok(OD)

    TS3 Server New IP! ---

    The ts3 address is ts3.overdosed.net Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll unpin this right now. That's the updated one. Also, the discord one is on the makings.
  3. Hello Due to recent DDoS attacks on our TS3 server, we have changed the IP, we hired a DDoS filtered IP that should prevent our server going offline anymore. Thanks for your patience and make sure you inform everyone you can about this change. Please report here if there are any problems regarding the TS3 server.
  4. R.agnarok(OD)

    HTML and CSS in College

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  5. R.agnarok(OD)

    Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Couldn't have said it any better =).
  6. R.agnarok(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    What ban message did it show?
  7. R.agnarok(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    Yeah but you can't log with old CDkeys, you need the new ones.
  8. R.agnarok(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    Clientbans have been removed since it's not possible anymore to flood/spam channels.
  9. R.agnarok(OD)

    Returning from IA

    Glad to see you back, let's play some dota =p.
  10. R.agnarok(OD)

    PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    Lol, I bought ff14 not so long ago, but haven't had time to play it much lately, I been following your topic tho, hope I can play anytime soon.
  11. R.agnarok(OD)

    PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    I secretly watch you everyday =p
  12. R.agnarok(OD)

    PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    I use trillian too =/
  13. R.agnarok(OD)

    Teamspeak Disruptions

    We should be good now, please report any further issues.
  14. R.agnarok(OD)

    Disability Discrimination Awareness

    Do you already have a domain for it?
  15. R.agnarok(OD)

    Who still plays? State of The Game

    Been pretty busy lately but yeah, I still play quite a few games =)
  16. R.agnarok(OD)

    HI from FireBabe (OD)

    Hey, glad to see you and your family are doing great! =)
  17. R.agnarok(OD)

    Website issues

    Hey there Due to recent DDoS attempts, I had to do some changes and set everything to a different IP, so it caused some downtime for users. Try to clear your browser cache and on a command prompt type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes. If the problem persist by the time you read this, please let me know.
  18. R.agnarok(OD)

    Website issues

    OD addiction is strong, might be worse than trying to quit smoking =p.
  19. R.agnarok(OD)

    Please share your opinions

    This discussion is something that has been going on an off, for more than 10 years. Here's an example, I was too on the same boat as you are now, I even got demoted as a General for much less than what you are trying to allow now. And this thread was from the private discussion in the General's only forums where I kept pushing it further.
  20. R.agnarok(OD)

    Please share your opinions

    This two posts pretty much sum everything up. Firstly, we DO NOT have freedom of speech in OD. BM is punishable, and will most likely keep being that way. Secondly, the fact that a word can cause harm is entirely subjective, it might or might not be used directly to offend someone, still someone can get offended indirectly. Third, while words can be punishable, they aren't automatic ban if you say them. You will be warned, asked to stop, and banned as a last resource. It's not a question about if you as a person find it offensive or not. Someone always will, and you can not stop that.
  21. R.agnarok(OD)

    Making Money on the Side

    I see, that's interesting, thanks for the explanation. With this forums upgrades, it might be counting the calendar posts, so if you could fix that, go ahead =p.
  22. R.agnarok(OD)

    Making Money on the Side

    I'm intrigued, what did she find that gives her that income passively?
  23. R.agnarok(OD)

    IA Requests.

    You can only request IA when you are unable to log for a period of time, with a max. of 2 months, unless you are going for basic training. Requesting IA because of school, life issues, clan issues, etc, won't be allowed anymore. If you are worried about your rank because any of this reasons, you need to talk to a General that have the same main game as yours to avoid it. Even so, it will be at their discretion if you keep/lose your rank. If you are IA right now and happen to fall down into some of this reasons, then we expect you to remove your IA as soon as possible.
  24. R.agnarok(OD)


    It should be back up now, it crashed with some odd error I never seen before, I'll keep monitoring it.