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  1. TS3 Server New IP! ---

    The ts3 address is ts3.overdosed.net Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll unpin this right now. That's the updated one. Also, the discord one is on the makings.
  2. Hello Due to recent DDoS attacks on our TS3 server, we have changed the IP, we hired a DDoS filtered IP that should prevent our server going offline anymore. Thanks for your patience and make sure you inform everyone you can about this change. Please report here if there are any problems regarding the TS3 server.
  3. HTML and CSS in College

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  4. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Couldn't have said it any better =).
  5. Getting Kicked or Banned

    What ban message did it show?
  6. Getting Kicked or Banned

    Yeah but you can't log with old CDkeys, you need the new ones.
  7. Getting Kicked or Banned

    Clientbans have been removed since it's not possible anymore to flood/spam channels.
  8. Returning from IA

    Glad to see you back, let's play some dota =p.
  9. PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    Lol, I bought ff14 not so long ago, but haven't had time to play it much lately, I been following your topic tho, hope I can play anytime soon.
  10. PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    I secretly watch you everyday =p
  11. PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    I use trillian too =/
  12. Teamspeak Disruptions

    We should be good now, please report any further issues.
  13. Disability Discrimination Awareness

    Do you already have a domain for it?
  14. Who still plays? State of The Game

    Been pretty busy lately but yeah, I still play quite a few games =)
  15. HI from FireBabe (OD)

    Hey, glad to see you and your family are doing great! =)
  16. Website issues

    Hey there Due to recent DDoS attempts, I had to do some changes and set everything to a different IP, so it caused some downtime for users. Try to clear your browser cache and on a command prompt type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes. If the problem persist by the time you read this, please let me know.
  17. Website issues

    OD addiction is strong, might be worse than trying to quit smoking =p.
  18. Please share your opinions

    This discussion is something that has been going on an off, for more than 10 years. Here's an example, I was too on the same boat as you are now, I even got demoted as a General for much less than what you are trying to allow now. And this thread was from the private discussion in the General's only forums where I kept pushing it further.
  19. Please share your opinions

    This two posts pretty much sum everything up. Firstly, we DO NOT have freedom of speech in OD. BM is punishable, and will most likely keep being that way. Secondly, the fact that a word can cause harm is entirely subjective, it might or might not be used directly to offend someone, still someone can get offended indirectly. Third, while words can be punishable, they aren't automatic ban if you say them. You will be warned, asked to stop, and banned as a last resource. It's not a question about if you as a person find it offensive or not. Someone always will, and you can not stop that.
  20. Making Money on the Side

    I see, that's interesting, thanks for the explanation. With this forums upgrades, it might be counting the calendar posts, so if you could fix that, go ahead =p.
  21. Making Money on the Side

    I'm intrigued, what did she find that gives her that income passively?
  22. IA Requests.

    You can only request IA when you are unable to log for a period of time, with a max. of 2 months, unless you are going for basic training. Requesting IA because of school, life issues, clan issues, etc, won't be allowed anymore. If you are worried about your rank because any of this reasons, you need to talk to a General that have the same main game as yours to avoid it. Even so, it will be at their discretion if you keep/lose your rank. If you are IA right now and happen to fall down into some of this reasons, then we expect you to remove your IA as soon as possible.
  23. Teamspeak

    It should be back up now, it crashed with some odd error I never seen before, I'll keep monitoring it.
  24. Teamspeak 3 Server/Rules

    Attention fellow members: IP: ts3.overdosed.net Permissions will be given when you enter the new server, if not, please send me an AIM message. Help us report any permission issues, if you need a feature and you don't have the access to do it, please request it. Have a nice day! ODTS3 Server Rules The following is a list of rules that apply to anyone who uses Clan Overdosed's Teamspeak 3 server. These rules are progressive, this means that User Rules apply to Members, MvP Channel Admins and the Administration, Member rules apply to MvP Channel Admin, and the Administration etc. Sections: User Rules All users will abide by good mannerisms, and treat all other members in the Teamspeak with respect. There will be no bashing or degradation of other users well being. While profanity is not banned, do keep it in check. Excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Respect the other players in the channel you're in. Profanity of any kind within a channel marked Profanity Free will not be tolerated whatsoever. Teamspeak allows for the use of an Avatar that is unique to your user ID. You're free to choose the avatar of your liking, however nudity, profanity, and excessive gore is strictly forbidden. Posting nude images anywhere within Teamspeak is forbidden. Doing so will result in a Teamspeak ban. Further punishment outside of the Teamspeak ban will be decided on by the division leaders of the respective user's division. While we encourage guests to join the server, guests who do not abide by these rules, just as an OD member, will be removed from the server. In the event of recurring instances, the user will be permanently banned from joining the server. Prejudiced behavior of any type, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance, is strictly forbidden and will be punished with extreme diligence. Impersonating another user, or naming yourself with a false rank or staff title are strictly prohibited. OD members will be bound to these rules 24/7 while inside Teamspeak. Punishments can and will range from suspension from Teamspeak, to demotions on site, and even a disablement if the violation calls for disablement. Member Rules All Clan OD Members must be in their (OD) tagged name, as it appears on the website at all times. Failure to comply will result in you not receiving your Rank group or any Staff group. Clan OD Members are entitled to 1 Smurf account, however this account must contain your full (OD) name. As an example, if your name is Member(OD), you may have a second account named Member(OD) Music for the Music Channel while you main account is in another channel. All Clan OD rules apply while you are in the Teamspeak server. Overall Administration Rules MvP Channels are to be created as a Sub-Channel of the MvP channel category for each Division, UNLESS your individual Division Leader(s) allows for you to have your channel under the Division Channel. MvP Members can only have a maximum of 1 (one) MvP Channel created at a time, should you decide to create a new channel, delete your old one first. Do not move anyone unless they want to be moved, or you know for a fact that they do not care (IE, you are breaking members into Tournament groups). The only exception to this rule is if you are moving them out of YOUR MvP channel. Those who have administrative power have them for a reason. Any abuse of the power given to you can and will be removed. Be responsible when using the power you have access to. Do NOT kick or ban people for no reason. Failure to give a reason will be treated the same as kicking for no legitimate reason. Anyone abusing the powers given to them, will lose their administration power, regardless of their level. These rules will be strictly enforced with NO exceptions. In extreme cases, demotions can and will be given to those who break rules excessively. ALL actions will be monitored closely, so don't think you can get away with a slip from time to time. Those who have had their admin power revoked, will be placed in the Restricted group. While in this group, all admin is removed, your ability to private message and poke is also removed. The only thing granted to a user in this group is the ability to move between channels and talk based on what your rank group allows. Members can only have one Division Server Group Icon, and it must be the Icon they have selected as their Main Game on the Website. EDIT by Terra Detailed rules regarding Teamspeak powers can be found here http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/62609-teamspeak-powers-for-each-rank/ Rules regarding profanity-free channels can be found here http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/63012-teamspeak-profanity-free-channels/