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  1. R.agnarok(OD)

    A Young Man's Resignation

    It was very nice having you around, thanks for all the work you put in OD, best of luck with your new endeavors, and I hope we can have you back sometime soon. 😃
  2. WHERES my SHIPMENT you promised it here TODAY !!! last time I use the god damn cartel 😉

  3. R.agnarok(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Banned from channel for no reason.

    If you feel that's going to be more helpful than do harm and cause more misunderstandings like the one on this topic, then we will respect your decision abide by it. =)
  4. R.agnarok(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Banned from channel for no reason.

    Agreed, if the channel can now hold 200 members, no need to kick or ban afk members, whether on a bot or on client. As long as they only have 1 account per member in channel, it should be fine.
  5. R.agnarok(OD)

    King's Raid

    It's a nice game, been having fun on it. Hope you join it. Anyone else is also welcome.
  6. Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happt birthday to rag happy birthday to youuu have great one :) 

  7. R.agnarok(OD)

    Website development tool

    Dreanweaver is the worst you can use, it's drag and drop gui adds a lot of garbage code and it's detrimental to your learning since you won't even know how it did those things. Apanta is fine, but it's an IDE, you need to learn the difference between a text editor and an IDE, the most common text editors are notepad++, atom and sublime text. Still it depends on what language you are coding. Apanta is fine if you are only going to do html/css for now.
  8. R.agnarok(OD)

    TS3 Server New IP! ---

    The ts3 address is ts3.overdosed.net Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll unpin this right now. That's the updated one. Also, the discord one is on the makings.
  9. R.agnarok(OD)

    HTML and CSS in College

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  10. Darkness told me to tell you to hit him up on facebook. Details are in his forum profile.

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      I sent him a message request, let him know if you can, ty =)

  11. R.agnarok(OD)

    Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Couldn't have said it any better =).
  12. R.agnarok(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    What ban message did it show?
  13. R.agnarok(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    Yeah but you can't log with old CDkeys, you need the new ones.

    1. DarkHelmet


      When a Red Panda has been sacrificed to the Schwartz.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      I heard sacrifice and Panda I AM IN!