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  1. Tight underwear...poppas on a manifest. Fingers crossed on weather

  2. For those of you who do not know what this is... it is a month long tournament with 3 rounds to determine who is in fact among the Elite in OD. Rules Two dodges on two different days = 0-2 Forfeit, two forfeits = disqualification If someone in your group asks to play your games for D2EMT, you must play them. If you do not play a game in your schedule group without a good reason you will be disqualified Round 1 Rules Number of Games: Bo3 for every gamer versus another gamer in a group Length: TBD Additional Rules: In the event of a tied number of wins, the gamer with the most total matches played will be declared champion (eg: 4-1 > 4-0). If the records of the top gamers are exactly the same, those gamers will play each other again in a Bo5 Groups: 3-4 groups - If there are uneven numbers then some groups will have 1 extra gamer Number of Games: Bo3 for every gamer versus another gamer in a group An example of Round 1: If there were 18 gamers then split that into 3 groups and you get 6 gamers per group. 3 Gamers per group will pass depending on their win/loss ratio. So let's say on one group all gamers played their games, then 3 gamers with best record will pass. If there is a tie for 3rd/4rth place then those gamers will pass on to round 2 (in other words 4 gamers can pass from this group if there is a tie). In the event of a 3-way tie for third place in a group in round 1 or 2, then the two players who had the best records of the three versus the other two players will advance. If this does not resolve the tie, then individual games will be counted. Round 2: Groups: 2 groups - If there are uneven numbers then a group will have 1 extra gamer Number of Games: Bo3 for every gamer versus another gamer in a group Length: TBD 3 players from each group will go on to round 3 depending on their number of wins and total games played, as in round 1. These 6 gamers will become elite B automatically. Round 3: Group: 1 Group of 6 Gamers Maps: 5 most popular maps selected by the clan Number of Games: Bo5 for every gamer versus another gamer in a group Length: 10 Days Round 3 will be the final round and the gamer with the most wins will become champion and receive a medal in addition to elite A status. In the event of a tied number of wins, the gamer with the most total matches played will be declared champion (eg: 4-1 > 4-0). If the records of the top gamers are exactly the same, those gamers will play each other again in a Bo5. The champion will also receive a promotion right away if they are below Master Warrant Officer 5. If your rank is higher, be reassured that when promotion time comes, you will be put into consideration. The runner-up will receive a medal in addition to Elite A status. If you do not play at least HALF your matches in Round 3 (as usual, matches not played vs inactive players will not count, and whether a player has been inactive will be determined by the D2EMT organizer), you will *not* receive elite A status even if you are a finalist. PVP Rules Please Read the PvP Rules Prior to entering tourney, there are constant updates so feel free to ask or clarify Signup Format Example Account: SuNSeT(OD) Character Name/Type: OD-SuN/PnB Necro
  3. Ping...west coast Canada
  4. I still keep in contact with lots of our old grandmaster sc2 players. I'll let them know your trying to kickstart sc2 again...we had a solid fuckin team for a while
  5. Love watching those high skill dudu mirror when there is shockwave thrown into the mix. This is awesome!
  6. Nice work drew, I'll be sure to hop on next week when I'm back in civilization. Prefer 1v1 over team dueling...dunno why but the game just slows right the fuck down in team duels.
  7. I'd take venom up on the offer, it's not a 1 person job. I think the YouTube thing should be done weekly...I'd love to cast it but I'm always out of town....sometimes with pretty limited internet. Either way a weekly update or somethin would be cool. You would get 200 people viewing per week easy...which would only expediate the growth to the non OD gaming world.
  8. "When your flush your flush, and when your bust your bust. And when your up, it's never as good as it should feel, and when your down, you never think you'll be back up again. But life goes on, remember that"
  9. Lots of little bugs. Just had a moderation issue where I couldn't pin/lock/move threads, but I had the ability to completely delete threads lol.
  10. I think if it is managed properly then for sure. Its a great idea, just gotta put some foundation into it. What games are we broadcasting? Who's speaking on behalf of the clan? And of course approval of current leadership. Could even broaden it with weekly newsletters @Purplez(OD) , and include streamers @Tris(OD) , @MooMoo(OD) It's a really good idea. Be interesting to see if it takes off
  11. Way to own up to it. Good on ya
  12. SuNSeT

    With love

    Prioritize my friend. I've yet to meet someone who has gotten engaged, or paid their bills with gaming....consistently. Take some time off, months whatever, and when your feeling in a good place, and want to kickback/relax...we will be here.
  13. SuNSeT

    Michael Jackson

    got me. I could really get into this but I'm not gonna. Long story short, the world is a fucked up place, and if this is where our society decides to invest boatloads of money/time into, through our judicial systems, news, films, etc...then I say we've already lost the big picture.
  14. SuNSeT

    Michael Jackson

    I hated Michael Jackson as a kid, he always wanted to play this "no hands trick" . Anyways I think he had some major psychological issues, and a heavy drug addiction thanks to the worlds biggest drug dealers (doctors). However; over time, I've come to realise how insane he was as an artist...not my favorite music, but there hasn't been someone as talented with hitting those notes, or putting together timeless tracks, in Pop before or since. I'm more or less just tired of this #metoo movement, whether its true or not, I'm over it. Between corrupt politics, and Kevin Spacey blowing boys, I cant even listen to the news long enough to hear the weather updates.
  15. SuNSeT

    One in 5171

    Never seen that drop lol
  16. SuNSeT

    RC ban?

    Just wait 12 hours
  17. SuNSeT

    Sorc Journey

    Good work bud. Keep at it
  18. happy bday bromego

  19. Well man, that's something I've been trying to right since I rejoined. Takes time getting the right people in the right positions because your constantly going against the grain. Imo gaming should take precedents over the forums. You get into a precarious position when there are too many admin people in higher ranks. Same can be said about leadership in the work force. Am I going to respect an individuals perspective on something they have no idea about? Most likely not. I hope you reconsider because you are part of the core group of legitimate "gamers" in OD. It's a group effort righting the ship, and it's done a complete 180 in the d2 division in the last 3 years. Might not look the greatest now, but it's a lot better then it was...and will continue if we all work together.
  20. I dig this...I swear I use to be a pirate in a previous life...not a butt pirate btw...mine is whatever the desktop came with lol.
  21. Damnit I want a dog again. Pigs just bond with one specific person, and could give 2 fucks about everyone else...btw I'm not the person Wilbur decided to bond with.
  22. ahhh Brian, I'm sorry to hear that. Losing loved ones is the high and low of life. Never want to lose someone, especially your parents...but it also puts life, time, love all in perspective. Remember the good times, the laughs, the lessons, and most importantly the unconditional love. Wishing you and your family the best through these difficult times.
  23. SuNSeT


    No one likes a quitter. Go hard, and go to bed at 7pm. That's my routine anyways...day drunk is my new jam
  24. I cant even make a phone call...what's app doesnt work, and even emailing is hit and miss. No meetings for me. Some people is better then none. Meetings aren't for everyone. Good work ray
  25. SuNSeT

    help if possible

    Hmmm someone "do kevin" a favor 😉 If you have jsp lmk and I'll buy one for you
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