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    Reset Team Names

    Every ladder a handful of guys go with names that relate to one another, whether it be taking your favorite OD members name @snicker66(OD) 🙂 or whatever. This ladder I propose we go as Top Gun, and see if we can fill the entire lineup of characters. Also I just I heard that they are making a new top gun, so its kind of fitting. I will donate 20 fg per guy who makes a Top Gun name First to level 50 wins 100 forum gold (timestamp) First to level 90 wins an extra 200 forum gold (timestamp) 1. Maverick @snicker66(OD) 2. Goose - @SuNSeT 3. Hollywood - @RadarRick(OD) 4. Iceman - @ScudBarb(OD) 5. Sundown - @Anxious(OD) 6. Cougar - @Sassy 7. Jester - @Membership(OD) 8. Viper - @Attitude(OD) 9. Charlie - @Fuzzyllama(OD) 10. Stinger @Ray(OD) 11. Wolfman 12. Chipper 13. Carole - @Shampoo 14. Merlin - @Monky(OD) 15. Sprawl
  2. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    Good stuff, got mine made a few nights ago. Pretty stoked to jam out on reset. Best time of ladder is day 1
  3. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    haha its an old movie with Tom Cruise...its super cheese, and equally awesome. These are names that are the pilots on the show...theres only a few left
  4. SuNSeT

    Snickets owned again

    guy uses infinity merc, fireball, juvies, and still cant win haha
  5. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    gotcha, whos the babe in your avatar
  6. SuNSeT

    LLD subforum suggestion

    ya no more sub forums, we have enough as it is, and its tough enough to get people into using our forums. We also need to cut back on the stickies. Make OD great again and clean up these forums!
  7. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    you takin it?!
  8. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    added added added surprised no fury/rabie druids want wolfman
  9. SuNSeT

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    I was thinkin you guys test it out
  10. SuNSeT

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=76349323&f=21&o=0 that video has them completing hell baal in 3 hours. No hdins...
  11. SuNSeT

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    If someone else is lookin to run a paladin, Id be more then happy to swap to sin 😉
  12. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    thank you added added make sure you make your names before reset so they're locked in guys/gals! sassy put you as stinger, do you want iceman instead?
  13. SuNSeT

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Home on the 6th at night, I'll be around for the reset! Sign me up, I'll take whatever is needed in my group
  14. SuNSeT

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    I'll be totally bummed out if I miss this but I may have most of December off. Fly home on the 7th or 8th and then I think I'm clear! I'll keep you fellas posted. I'll run whatever were short on. We runnin teamspeak or discord this reset?
  15. SuNSeT

    Stan Lee died

    they will CGI him into all the new marvel movies. Rip though, I remember the first time I saw him in Mallrats and wondered if that was actually the guy who invented Marvel
  16. SuNSeT

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    Can I just put 2k on someone lol? Old lady took my entire days off. No jammin time
  17. SuNSeT

    1.14d Bow zon builds help

    contact @SeeD(OD) , hes the zon authority at the moment
  18. SuNSeT

    Can't sleep, what do you do?

    5 finger shuffle
  19. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    I love that...on multiple levels...
  20. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    60% of the time it works everytime
  21. SuNSeT

    Destiny 2 is Currently Free!

    Destiny is the only shooter game I've picked up since duck hunter
  22. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    She had the whitest teeth I ever came across
  23. SuNSeT

    Level 30 Team Uber Run Contest

    That's pretty cool well done. I saw a 8 man team do Uber's naked years ago. Be neat to see OD do it.
  24. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Don't let things you own, own you
  25. SuNSeT

    Our next interviewee will be...Chknwg1(OD)!

    what made you leave the odd2 division lol