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  1. Dumbell press anyone?

    Haha we all start somewhere...I had an old-school gym buff from prob the 70s give me pointers on my bench last year. Always good to get another approach or help. As for talking in the gym it's fine but keep it buisness. Little comment or whatever...some people may drag it out and then you know they're fine to chat with here and there. For the most part people are their for a time of solace, helps them Zen out or whatever. So be conscious that not everyone wants to sit and chat in "the house of pain" As for picking up chicks in the gym, I wouldn't suggest it...never been my style. That being said, I have ran into women from my gym at the bar and ended up picking them up then or at a later point. All in all, general rule of thumb, is you don't piss in your own pool
  2. Dumbell press anyone?

    That's good @SupremeJester to hear your getting out there and actually going. Getting to the gym is 95% of the battle in itself haha. Easy to make excuses not to go. I can assure you, there won't be a time that you'll feel better about yourself for not going. As for the tummy...that one is something everyone wants to shed in the gym. Takes a lot of discipline with diet and routine to hit that optimal range, but obviously not everyone has that kind of discipline (myself included) But here is the good news. Focusing on core is not going to put out your back. In fact, strengthening your abdominal, takes the needless weight your carrying off your back. Here's some core workouts you can do without constantly doing crunches. Also you can focus on isolating when doing shoulders, chest, arms by only lifting one dumb bell at a time. And leaving the other one in the ready position. I can explain more if I'm losing ya ;) https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ab-dominate-your-no-crunch-core-workout.html
  3. Dumbell press anyone?

    that's good to hear man. I use to workout at a gym with an older cop that was there...and he mentioned in passing one time, that even getting to the gym and doing next to nothing is a better feeling then sitting at home. Next time on the treadmill increase the tilt. The more you go to the gym, the more you'll notice the body builders don't run on a treadmill, but they speed walk on an incline. That's because you burn muscle before you burn fat when you jog, and vice versa when you speed walk on a treadmill....and your calves will turn into bulls! Upper back there are a ton of workouts https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/build-your-classic-v-taper.html 3 of those workouts in there are upper back workouts, your reverse fly's that you did also can target upper back but targeting your lats. End of the day its a slow process to get the results you want, because in the end, you are your own biggest critic. Just keep at it, check out what other people are doing, don't be scared to ask questions...obviously don't ask question after question, but if there is a workout your interested in, people will help/show/advise on it. PS - Day 2 and 3 are the days you really start to feel the pain from working out. Stretch lots, drink lots of water, muscles will start trying to repair the muscle fibres you have overworked...which is a good thing. I hit the rolling pin almost everyday after working out. Great on the back, and helps develop your core muscles (tummy)
  4. internet @ new job is slower then a senior citizen at a self checkout. Might be done for this ladder :S

  5. Monthly Trivia Competition

    MooMoo wins all categories
  6. New member, old player

    3 cats...how many fish did you have in the beginning?
  7. Fortnite

    Is a great game...I just work too much to really jam out much. Bean_der is my ps4 username
  8. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Hey I recruited some people recently and never received my performance bonus.... Oh shit my bad, I forgot this wasn't a job. Here's a little quote Don't let things you own, own you
  9. Dumbell press anyone?

    Hey man best of luck....don't be surprised if initially you start gaining weight, I put on 15lbs when I quit smoking.
  10. Dumbell press anyone?

    lol that's a weird addiction. drink tonic water, I dunno
  11. Uber Smiter on USEast

    I will offer Dbz lap dancing services for a sin torch
  12. Ladder Reset progress

    Lvl 63, thanks to jarret and od-art...or maybe they're the same guy haha
  13. Ladder Reset progress

    Level 38...should hit 50 after work I was on for that reset, had 10 hours dedicated to grind, and ya...played maybe an hour before I had to go and do shit with my life
  14. Resetting Elite Squad

    There was a SC clan way back in the day, I can't remember their name, might of been [AH]...anyways they're elites that were used in clan wars had different tags, and went by Keeper-name . Was different and promoted a lot of competition between members, and ontop of that, rival clans would try to beat them in 1v1s to prove they were better then the best the clan had to offer. Might be something to look into adapting so when people join the channel, they can instantly recognize who has been dubbed "elite". Could even still utilize OD- but make it oD- or Od- I dunno just something to chew on. We should be implementing something new every so often