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  1. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

  2. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    thata boy...that's how real men duel...with shit gear 😉
  3. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    added...put you as a light sorc...im kind thinking your fire though
  4. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    of course...char info?
  5. SuNSeT

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    thanks for updating jared
  6. SuNSeT

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    Sort it out boys its a fun pvp. Drama free since 93. Get the games in and enjoy
  7. SuNSeT

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    Ahhhh si si....kons in a challenge I'll have to remove ipa from the tourney then I guess
  8. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Worked at pro western plastics putting handles on buckets...people quit regularly before first break
  9. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    Updated Hes below you Kons in a challenge...updated vs @Ipa(od)
  10. Kev do you know a hospital called the royal Columbia in Canada? My lauren has a doctor from there coming to see her today ....

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    2. Terra


      Most of the weak points for Canadian health care system are focused on the long wait times for emergency rooms, available after-hour personnel, and the lack of coverage for dental and prescription drugs. In terms of medical care itself Canada has among the highest success rates for surgery and among the best survival rates for cancer patients of all developed countries. If they are flying in a doctor who is from the Royal Columbian Hospital, which as TypeReaL pointed out is consistently among the top-ranked in the country, then there probably aren't very many doctors in the world that would be better at looking into your daughter's needs.

    3. Sassy


      So she in good hands then yeah they need to look into things within her care and treatment he actually seeing her Monday coming lucky I have day off to be there thanks guys nope he’s seeing her Tuesday now she just called me 

    4. SuNSeT


      Well I think they covered it. Best wishes and prayers go out to your daughter. Fight fight fight 

  11. SuNSeT

    MooMoo's 2v2 Tourney 1/19/19

    have fun...lmk if you guys need a guest ref with fun facts
  12. happy bday @Andys(OD) & @Avabur(OD) … don't know you other people so better luck next year 🙂

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    2. Sassy
    3. SuNSeT


      Jeesh get it together... 😉

    4. Sassy


      Blonde moment so give me a break ha ha ha 

  13. SuNSeT

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Co worker goes to the bar and gets approached by a couple of beautiful women. After a brief conversation with the women, he's informed that they are lesbians, and are looking for a good looking guy to knock one of them up. He agrees. They immediately leave back to their place. Next day he tells us the story, and were all fascinated. Then another guy asks, "well aren't you afraid they will come for alimony?" He smiles and says, "I was fixed 2 years ago."
  14. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    gonna be reversing his loss to @Help(OD) he didn't login to the forums for 4 days, and @Hubert(OD) added him on bnet as well. added added
  15. SuNSeT

    January Ladder

    @Andys(OD) > @Hubert(OD) 48 hours @Help(OD) vs @theBandit(OD) get your games in