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  1. happy birthday old man

  2. Ladder Tournament

  3. Dumbell press anyone?

    Hardest part of working out is actually going without a doubt haha. Whether it be a confidence thing, or making excuses as to other things you can do ...getting there is definitely a hurdle in itself. Most people dont realise that drinks attribute to their weight more then almost anything else. North Americans are the highest consumers of soda by a large margin...id say it's safe to say that there is a direct link between being the highest consumers of soda, and the usa being the most obese nation on the planet...not just a coincidence. It's tough to want a water when your craving a Redbull. But maybe force yourself to have a glass of water before you crack open a pop. May find your not inclined to want a pop after you'e
  4. Ladder Tournament

    added Nookie vs OD-Necro @DBZ(OD)
  5. Dumbell press anyone?

    185lbs benching 315lbs 15 years gym experience, former amature boxer, lived with a nutritionist. If you want any diet plans or training tips feel free to hit me up. My personal favorite website for diet, change of routine, or just some workouts Im unfamiliar with Www.bodybuilding.com It really is the bible to anything gym related, and can actually track your progress for you. It's not just a website for juice monkeys. Favorite YouTuber for proper form and common mistakes in the gym is AthleanX Guy is a wealth of knowledge and responds to comments. @Opal(OD) @SupremeJester
  6. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Have a good one old boy
  7. Time to Re-Boot Overdosed SC2 Division!

    hah no no, your more then welcome. more the merrier...those were just some of the boys from the last time rath and myself played...think tgun went pro actually...he may not come back haha both these guys started in OD, and eventually went on to the pro circuit...oh what a crew we had
  8. Time to Re-Boot Overdosed SC2 Division!

    @Rathorne(OD) added you up man, I haven't played since I quit really...tried getting back into it but I'm such trash now. Lets get some of the crew together. NEWS TEAM ASSEMBLE @Ian(OD)@Badboi(OD)@Tris(OD)@Hannibal@StrAtiGY(OD)@Beloth(OD)@Algid(OD)@Towlee(OD)@GoSwSer@Zoltan@LoZeR(OD)@Wingfury@Cephalysis(OD)@RoKr.@Dropships(OD)@PoSer(OD)@Bisu(OD)@Hammy(OD)@PhaiL(OD)@HammeR.207@tgun@Staggz.567@SWAGASAURUS(OD)@Nimbus@ManToss@Zanofer@Shigy@jayneld@Tester@banana(OD)@Wang(OD)@IamMagicOD@BluE92(OD)@MJB(OD)@Staggz.567 Tag the crew, maybe they still have the same email!
  9. Happy Bday DBZ

    Pm'd you on what I was gonna say in the thread but I didn't wanna get my PP slapped. Give some love to this loser, he puts in a lot of time and effort into this division.
  10. Ladder Tournament

    Updated, ive been dethroned once again...you should really record our duels because they are quiet exceptional. Only necro on east that keeps my ghost as close to 50/50 as it gets...that includes my ghost/hybrid on NL as well. Top necro user on east ladder as far as I'm concerned @DBZ(OD) I will regain the throne ;)
  11. Time to Re-Boot Overdosed SC2 Division!

    When you usually on, I may take a break from d2
  12. Ladder Tournament

    login to site eh @Mesa(OD) & @MooMoo(OD) & @MeLLo(OD)
  13. D2 PVP SQUAD

    Update this shit