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  1. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    No, not for you. You have to wait 5 days because of memberships seniority. You will also not be allowed to finish higher the me. Section 8 of our "gm pvp"
  2. SuNSeT

    The race to Malus

    And your allowed to pk on the way? If so I'm interested haha
  3. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    3 days from the time you post Yah that's why I'm challenging a vt on a windy lol
  4. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    I will contact you tomorrow then @snicker66(OD)
  5. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Sun > Bump, gds man. We will get that guy dialed in
  6. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Added You guys have 3 days to complete your duel Added
  7. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Ok. PM me
  8. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    @snicker66(OD) @Mr_kon(od) Get your game in! Deadline approaching
  9. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    defended @DBZ(OD) gds challenge @Bumpykins(OD) @DBZ(OD) withdraws Blizzy Sorc, Replaces it with Rimjob
  10. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    That's the beauty of ladder style tournaments, you gear up as you go I'll add yah only person you can currently challenge is bumpykins. Can only challenge up to 3 spots ahead of yourself
  11. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Gg zon on the rise
  12. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Jealous, hybrid is my fave! Added
  13. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

  14. SuNSeT

    The Ladder

    Yah I'm bumping you past. I didnt get a response from him either...which is funny , because he was the one that wanted a pvp tourney hosted :S