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  1. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @Rich(OD) > @Mr_kon(od) for being a baby back dodging ditch pig! @FailEmpire(OD) vs @Rich(OD) get your games in boys, contact eachother, pm on site, add as best friends, go docking/schnoodling whatever lets get this fuckin thing onto the next week!
  2. SuNSeT

    Hardcore Contest

    best of luck @Goten(OD)! Wishin ya the best and a speedy recovery and yah... @Purplez(OD) is my wingman, how the times have changed so rapidly lol
  3. SuNSeT

    Gonna be MIA :*(

    Flight delayed....white out.
  4. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @Rich(OD) if @Mr_kon(od) doesn't get in contact with you tomorrow (21) then he will be bypassed @DBZ(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @Krusty(OD) @Darkwolf(OD) DBZ will handle updates from here on out, until I return from the frozen tundra
  5. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    K its updated...did it on my phone so looks like shit. I'll clean it up in the am. Good work boys, kon has been playing WoW (lame-o) but he is aware of the tourney. Ah seed since wave is Mia, I'll count this week as an AK vs team dbz. I'll be sending some eff gee your way.
  6. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Now you know my pain! @SeeD(OD) vs @FaPa(OD) up next @MooMoo(OD) , @Krusty(OD) get your poop in a group boys! Ball is rolling!
  7. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @SeeD(OD) vs @Donahey(OD) up next gds Donny fuckin hdin aids!
  8. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @Wave(OD) When you on bromego
  9. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Dbz has room on his team for one more? You want in on this week?
  10. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Event has a week to conclude Events are set for players to make arrangements with their counterparts. Too many members live in different area codes . Week 3 will begin when week 2 has finished
  11. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Updated @Wave(OD) when you on?
  12. SuNSeT

    Snickets owned again

    guy uses infinity merc, fireball, juvies, and still cant win haha
  13. Happy bday F*** Day A** Mouth @Dabomb(OD)

    1. Dabomb(OD)


      aye thanks you moose f@!#$

  14. SuNSeT

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @CotDaniel(OD) @longlife(OD) removed due to inactivity, feel free to signup again when you become more available! @Voldemort(OD) @MERICA(OD) assigned to team MooMoo
  15. moneybags is long gone bro