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  1. Starcraft Broodwar Night

    I'll be on tomorrow if your down. It's a good time
  2. PVP?

    Sorry man, been busy with this job...might take the summer off work so I can chill out. D2 does this every ladder...if you want consistent PVP go on NL. Could let you try out my sin
  3. Sun's Super Knockout FFA Tournament

    PVP fixed yet? @FaPa(OD) @DBZ(OD)
  4. SC2 Game night

    Fuck that's just a gongshow lol. Nah if your playing with clan mates you can make it a little more legit. Ideally what would be cool is getting some races wars or slave Goin. Not gonna lie I still prefer scbw>sc2. The meta in sc2 is required vs SCBW you have some flexibility as to what to do vs specific matchup...That and there is still an early game in SCBW
  5. SC2 Game night

    I'm down for some 2v2 or whatever. Arcade isn't really my thing haha
  6. SC2 Game night

    I'm running another job on the 4th till the end of April. Lmk a date and time and I'll hop on. Haven't played much since wings of liberty
  7. WSG has been fixed :(

    wow that's fuckin brutal .... for you guys lol
  8. Sun's Super Knockout FFA Tournament

    I'll be on and off throughout the day. Finished the job I was running so I got a few days off. Engineering disaster...spent a few days redlining drawings....yuck
  9. Starcraft Remastered

    @CoffeeBean I've finished off the job I was running so I get a few days before I'm onto the next one. Hard to turn down the money they're throwing at me, so my gaming has been pretty limited
  10. Sun's Super Knockout FFA Extravaganza Tournament date: April 1st - 30th. The winner will received 1,000 forum gold Other prizes to be awarded daily! Requirements: No Signups required Must have at least 4 players in game ONLY WINNER POSTS Games can happen anytime, multiple times a day/night Screen shots are only required if there is a debate on whether or not you actually won GM Rules Apply in FFA FFA Point System 4 Player FFA - 1 point 5 Player FFA - 2 points 6 Player FFA - 3 points 7 Player FFA - 4 points 8 Player FFA - 5 points signup format: @DBZ(OD) - 3 @pronoob(OD) - 0 @MooMoo(OD) - 0 @Rich(OD) - 0 @FollowMe(OD) - 0 @Membership(OD) - 0 @NickDay(OD) - 0 @shadowc4(OD) - 0 @Disco - 0 @SuNSeT - 0
  11. Im AFK

    Good timing with the "hurt feelings reports" coming in over offensive names. Should be blown over by the time your back ;) they will have a new flavor of the week to whine about
  12. Interesting joke per-say ??

    The Watchmen