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  1. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Hmmmm I'll just PVP pubs I guess. Only person I consistently duel is DBZ and rich..where the fuck are you guys
  2. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Was flying back from work. I'll be on today.
  3. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Gotta quit lying to yourself, you'll need a necro to knock me off...and we know how the last one worked out for ya ;)
  4. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Not long with me in the house ;) I think fapa will end up taking this tbh
  5. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Challenge @Membership(OD)
  6. Making ganes

    gains are made at the gym bro
  7. OD Population Milestone

    ya clan OD channel has become the spot for people to game...regardless if theyre even in OD. As far as milestones go, I'd say the D2 division could raise the required votes to join. There is a plethora of new faces, and most of them are just looking for handouts...which is fine, but the whole purpose of a trial period was to weed out that shit
  8. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    you can bump him idc, i'll catch up
  9. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @Disco I'm on where u at?!
  10. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    I'll be on tonight forsure. Get off work in a few hours
  11. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Nope. Hopped on a few times to see who was around
  12. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @Disco What time you gonna be on today
  13. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    sounds good...I love a good spanking
  14. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    I'm on pm me @Disco