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  1. Undisable me PLZ

    Awesome. Thanks.
  2. Undisable me PLZ

    I should have requested to go IA thru the month of December since its Peak season at my job. Ive been working 50-70 hour weeks. Can someone please undisable me. Thanks. My apologies.
  3. What size t-shirt do you wear?

    I feel like that's exactly what this is. Unless we are making OD tshirts and we need a tally
  4. CS:GO Division Rules

    Downloading teamspeak now. Haven't used in a long time.
  5. Connecting to public( ... Server is running an older version, client version 13573, server version 13571
  6. 1v1 CS:GO Ladder

    I'm in
  7. Yeah and can we get an icon so we can main game CS
  8. So are we pursuing a CS:GO team?
  9. Estimated 30 mins yay
  10. Should I buy CS go? What's happening. Sorry haven't been on forums. Confirmed no school for month of jan so my schedule is open until I find employment
  11. My report on the LoL and the Division

    Well I'm slowly opening up to new chars, I used to use 2, now I use 6 or more...
  12. CS source Source playtime : 30 hours 1.6 playtime: 120+ hours K:D ratio average on source: 1.056 with 2833/2683 Steam account name: Weekdays : might take a winter course from jan to feb,won't be available until after 1 pm pacific, a few weeks later won't be available for 2days of the week Weekends: applied for job recently, possibly unavailable on Saturdays *availability open to change, kind of a guess. Will know about winter sesh by the 3rd