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  1. So what I'm gathering now is that I just fucking bought the entire Diablo 3 package for no reason -.-
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    New to league

    Taric or die brah.
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    Favorite Quotes

    If you ain't first, you're last! -Ricky Bobby
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    Want a good laugh?

    I watch these things every now and then. They're pretty funny, especially naked yoga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcdQcxr5KqM&t=414s
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    First placement game of S8

    Who knows, but I can assure you. It's a long climb from 0 LP of B5 and while you're doing that your Nasus main friend will win 3 out of 10 games gets placed in S4.
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    First placement game of S8

    Or what can happen as well is you win 7/10 of your placement games and get put in B5 with 0 LP and have to climb your way from the bottom of the barrel all the way into silver >.>
  7. I demand my own rank of Berry Master :o It will look like the 5 star rank but with 5 Berries instead of stars.
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    Datacron Hunting

    I've gotten them all about 20 times. I can give you a hand if you want.
  9. I'll be back on Nov 8th then. Real life hit me pretty hard last few months.
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    So I played way back in the day

    There's a handful of new content for you.
  11. So now that I have a good moment to type, I figured I’d type this all out. Some of this may be new and some of it may not. Just giving a small portion of my experience. It seems everyone has their own opinion on how aspects of Overdosed works. What’s expected of you per rank? How does voting work? Posting relevant evaluations, all that good stuff. Truth is the system Overdosed uses today was pulled from the DoD (Department of Defense). Obviously it’s been tweaked a little to suit a gaming community. So here’s a breakdown of each area. -Billet Assignments So for those of you that don’t know what a billet is. A billet is a position assigned to a specific person to perform. Different organizations have their own term for it, the most common term though is billet which has also been used in reference to lodging (for those who were about to state it in a reply). Billet assignments are made by mid-grade officers (Captains and higher). The higher the billet (i.e. division leader) will be made by people of higher grades. In our case, division leaders are appointed by our senior flag staff (4 star’s and 5 star generals). Even though there’s a vote between the generals to decide what to do, it’s usually the 4 star’s or the 5 stars that enact the process after decisions are made. -Billet Tasks For every billet/position that a convening authority can impose, the person in question for said billet is given a list of assignments. Typically it is broken down by daily tasks, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. Billet tasks are almost never the same for each person, I’m sure you all have figured that out by now. This is one aspect that Overdosed does a little differently than what I’ve noticed, but this is how the process statistically functions best as per the studies performed by the SECDEF’s (Secretary of Defense) staff. Once a person has been selected for a billet, the conveining authority drafts up an appointment letter that says to the person “This is exactly what I expect you will do in this billet”, however tasks are not limited to what’s stated, the appointment letter only tells you the minimum requirements. Appointment letters are typically followed by an acceptance letter. The reason for this is to have black and white evidence that shows that the person was properly counseled on what he or she needs to do to maintain the billet. Otherwise, Badboi could select Priceless to be the Overdosed Divisions Coordinator and explain it to him vocally. But then when Priceless doesn’t perform and Badboi wants to demote him down, Priceless can basically win that battle hands down because there’s no real proof that he was given any sort of guidance on how to perform his duties. From what I’ve seen in the past, might be different now, people are either just kind of expected to know what to do already or they’re just vocally told, which leads to the he said she said arguments. -What should I do to get ahead? Act above your rank. Most people that advance in most places don’t stick to their lane. If all you do is just what you’re expected to do, promoting authorities are going to look at you and say “this is an effective person in this area”. That’s not the statement you want to hear. You want promoting authorities to say that you are an incredible asset that can be counted on to accomplish any task, people that stick in their own lanes don’t really experience this too much. If you’re a little old 1st Lieutenant trying to work your way up, for whatever your reason is, do the work expected of a 2nd LT or a Captain. Someone’s always watching and they’ll notice, and if you keep it up you’ll be going up the ladder in no time. -Evaluation System (aka the PES) The evaluation system used in OD is a spin-off of the PES, Performance Evaluation System. These should be done in 6 month intervals or more. Six months is a typical standard; that gives the person plenty of time to actually things done. Get their own processes/policies into effect and see how they work, and then gives them time to evaluate them and make any adjustments needed. Some jobs are less demanding than others, so anything less than 6 months can make the person seem ineffective/unproductive in their position which could lead to them being replaced. The way the evaluations should be dressed up are basically like this -Who you are (Name, rank, billet title) -Billet Tasks -Summary of Billet Accomplishments (every bullet you have for your billet task should have a mirror response) -Summary of Miscellaneous Accomplishments People reading/processing your eval should look over your eval and see if your billet tasks are being accomplished, then review your other accomplishments. They should also take into consideration how well you communicate with others, because communication is key to success. If you can’t talk to people without pissing off half the group, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Start looking to see if the person is tactful, diligent, effective, applies sound judgment, sets the standard, takes care of their subordinates, etc. It’s not about whether or not you like them as a person. Dave and Terra might submit their evaluations at the same time. But even if I don’t like Dave but I do like Terra, if Dave is up to par on what someone of his rank needs to be doing and Terra isn’t, then I’m expected to set my differences aside and give a fair review that accurately reflects each individual’s work. Key traits that you’ll need to be successful -Communication: The higher up you go in any organization, you’ll have to deal with internal politics, sometimes external ones as well. Politics is life, if you don’t like dealing with politics then you don’t need to be promoted because you’ll be expected to deal with them appropriately. The only thing that will change is the content of what’s going on, but in the end, it’s all politics. You have to be able to talk clearly, say what you need to say in a way that it can be correctly understood. -Develop Networking Skills: Making friends with all sorts of different people gives you a strategic advantage. You might be terrible at web site work, but you know your friend Haji Bob does amazing web work and might be able to help you out. A lot of times, success doesn’t depend on what you know but who you know. -Mission Oriented Mindset: Work to complete the job, not to be done with work. Anyone can complete the work just to have it complete, doesn’t mean it’ll be effective. Working to complete the job implies that you worked to say “mission accomplished”. Makes you more dependable, reliable, and makes you more efficient. It’s all about that positive mindset. -Adaptability: Be willing to change your methods to suit the needs of the moment. This applies to everything. One process may work a certain way before but maybe with the time table and resources you have, you might have to change it up. Take things that you like that you've seen from others and add it to your own methods. How you handle one person might not be the way to handle this other person. You need to be able to go from task to task and adapt to get results. -Judgment: Exercise sound decision making abilities. Recognize the situation, evaluate the job that needs to be done, analyze what your options are, do a risk assessment, make a decision, and implement it. -Be a good listener: Listen to the input given by the people around you. Take in the good input as well as the criticism. In all honesty, this trait pretty much explains itself. You need to be willing to listen to others in order to expect others to listen to you. -Tact: Come at people correctly. Show respect and people will take you seriously. Might be your friend, but if they’re your boss and it’s time to do some work, it’s time to get professional and get things done. -Game with your ALL of your members: Don’t just stick to the tight click of 12 regular people that you typically game with. If you just recruited 8 other people over the last 6 days, actively engage with them and make them feel like they’re wanted. People are more likely to respond if you make them feel valued/wanted. There will always be those that will leave, but at least you put the effort in. I think I’ll start to wrap it up, because I’m typing this out in word before I post it and right now the page count is up to 3. These are just small bits of leadership tools and tips that people use all the time. Everything listed above can be applied to Overdosed. With this being a gaming community, I think an important thing you need to keep in mind is to be a fun person to game with. Don’t be Elitist Joe who puts down people who aren’t very good at the game. Keep in mind everything I just typed is a very small synapse, since communties like OD and DL like to use modified systems that I'm used to, figured I'd offer up a thing or two. If anyone ever has any questions, feel free to ask, and if I don't know the answer I'll go and find the answer.
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    As I'm sure many of you know, solo que can suck. Anyone up to que up as a pair/group? I typically end up playing tank or heals but I can play whichever position is needed. Not a very good sniper though.
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    It's good to be back in the states again, been super tired getting all settled in again. My friend Jake just mailed off that brand new PC I bought so I get to use that this Wednesday :D
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    I am finally back from deployment and now have steady internet. Could I get re-added back to the members list? I just didn't want to worry about logging in while I was deployed. Been spending the last few days fixing things at work and building my furniture.
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    My new PC

    I decided to take advantage of the May the 4th be with you sale.
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    My new PC

    I ended up getting this one. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824011082 Figured I'd give it a try, hopefully it ends up being big enough. It was cheaper than the prices on those links all of you listed. It's expensive to so I got the protection plan, just in case shit happens.
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    My new PC

    Yeah I started looking into the reviews, didn't sound very promising.
  18. Name(OD)

    My new PC

    I found that exact monitor brand new for cheaper actually. What do you think about this one? https://us-store.acer.com/monitors/gaming/28-predator-xb1-gaming-monitor-xb281h-bmipr
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    OD Golden Age

    Christmas critters?
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    Fuck you GrinGo

    Oh I'll find you on TS when I get back to the states. We going to fuck shit up. Murder, death, kill.
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    Rules Committee Applications

    Where did I fall in the qualification category? I'm actually interested to know, one cannot look to self improve without getting the necessary data for analysis.
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    My new PC

    Just caught up on all the comments, stupid phone's been ringing off the hook for trivial matters. >.> The system costed $2,274, they didn't include shipping because I paid over 2k so shipping was free. I was going to go with Origin PC before, but when I saw the sale on the Cyberpower web site, had to take a look and see what I could get. Biggest bang for the buck without having to do my own assembly, go big or go home lol. Truth is, if you would have caught me 12 years ago, I would have built my system from scratching starting off with a bare-bones kit. But I don't really have the time to do that much anymore. Plus I enjoy having it pre-built because if it comes messed up, they'll fix it for me usually with the option of doing it for me or I can do it on my own. When I was stationed in Cali I went to the physical location where they construct the PC's for CyberpowerPC and IBuyPowerPC. A main reason some of their parts might cost a little more than what's on newegg or tiger direct is because they tack on a shelving fee. IBuyPower was real big with that, every PC that came in the mail typically had a broken graphics card or something. But they were real good with replacing it. I enjoyed all the input you guys posted. As some of you have already deducted, I already bought this PC. Did a little bit of research on some of the parts like the graphics card, not going to lie I'm not as familiar with Geforce as I am with AMD. My laptop has GeForce though, first PC with one I've had. So far I'm liking it, seems very stable. So I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of cooling, my last desktop actually caught on fire for roughly 12 seconds before I left for deployment. Couldn't actually believe it caught on fire. So I picked up an Alienware Desktop from the military exchange for like $1050, to be honest I've always been curious about AW PC's. It was small but surprising strong. Handled Overwatch and SWTOR PvP with ease, unless all 16 people were spamming AOE then it slowed up a little bit. But that was only a temporary replacement until I get a better one after my deployment is over (and it's nearly over for me). I don't really do a lot of programming anymore, I do like to fiddle with Photoshop every now and then. Not super hardcore into streaming my game play, but I watch all my movies and shows on the PC. My intent was to get a PC that was strong enough to play Overwatch and SWTOR at max settings in those intense action packed situtations (like 16man op's with a shit ton of aoe) and be able to handle it smoothly. Didn't buy a monitor yet because I'm still unsure as to what monitor I want. I just have like a 24 inch monitor, I'm pretty sure at least it's in a box in storage right now. So I'm definitely open to suggestions on that one. I want to get a decent size screen. Maybe like 27 inch or bigger, big enough so I can lay back on my bed and be able to see the picture just fine. The sound quality with some of the PC's I've had in the past was a little meh, always went with the default card they put in each system. So I figured if I upgraded it from the default that it might help. I also wanted to make sure I had plenty of RAM. I already have a gaming mouse and keyboard I had just bought before deploying, it's in a box in storage. I'll admit I'm partial to the Razor mouses, I also had a $50 dollar credit with my star card so I was able to use it to buy that sweet ass razor mouse pad with the lights on it. That shit looks amazing when you turn off the lights. I almost blew like 3.5k on a PC, wanted to ensure I'll never have to worry about upgrades for a good minute. But I realized I still have to buy a monitor that will fit the system I just got and I still need to buy all of my furniture. I got promoted before I left so now it's out of the barracks life and back into living in my own house which will be weird because last time I lived out of the barracks I was married. So I've been saving tons of money because I'll have to buy everything like a mattress (which I'm not going cheap on), bed frame, dishes, cooking ware, utensils, the whole nine yards. So my intent was to save all the money I could and then get everything all at once and have it all delivered. My friend Jake is going to test out my PC and put it to the test. I told him to see what that thing will be able to handle for me. Can't wait to get back to the states, the wifi out here fucking sucks. Especially when the wifi mysteriously goes down, I bet it's the little shit that sells all the SIM cards for the pucks that's cutting the fiber cable because everytime that shit goes down he makes a TON of money. You all think this PC will blow Overwatch and SWTOR out of the water?
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    Fuck you GrinGo

    o.O maybe
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    Fuck you GrinGo

    KillaMyster's still alive :O
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    Fuck you GrinGo

    Damn, GrinGo and Darkstar pop'in their faces in. Man it's been like 4 years or so since I last heard from you guys. What's up?