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  1. Travis

    OD Golden Age

    Congratulations, guys!
  2. Travis

    New Language

    Probably Japanese or Russian. The former for watching animu more efficiently, and the latter because it's just a really cool language.
  3. Travis

    Dark Web

    That's where I get my drugs from.
  4. Travis

    Your Favorite Squad Is Getting Deleted!

    You nignoggers are playing right into Arch's hands. I can't believe this is happening!
  5. Travis


    Thanks, honkey.
  6. Travis


    Well look who it is...
  7. Travis

    Brothers of Pain

    I think the subject you chose is very, very difficult to portray as anything but what it is, to be honest. This is a game that revolves solely around fighting, and what you've chosen to present feels like a mashup of various scenes of what characters in said game are purposed to do. Watching it the first time, I did not experience any deviation of what I knew the game was about. That's not to say that there couldn't or shouldn't be ANY fighting, but there didn't feel like there was any context as to what the game could be about otherwise. The use of music feels rather intrusive at times, and makes me feel like I'm watching some random Naruto AMV, especially during fight scenes, and to me doesn't do a very good job at what this video is purposed towards doing. The subtitle are alright for the most part in terms of what you're trying to do, but largely feel disconnected from the video rendered portions that you've chosen to present which branches back to my first point in that all I see going on for the majority of the video is randomly, contextless fighting (which again, is what the game is strictly about). The way they segway from scene to scene also feels rather cartoonish, and not appropriate for the kind of vibe the music was setting up for. Criticism aside, the technical splicing of the video content seems very well done me in the way that the video flows and transitions from one scene to another. Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Travis

    Clan of Action

    "I have a plan to help OD grow, but I don't have interest in explaining unless people show interest," Alrighto then. I'm pretty sure for people to form an opinion on something, there needs to be information made presently available for anyone to be able to internalize and come to conclusions.
  9. Travis

    Word Association Game

    Biased demonization