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  1. I'll be building a HDin as well. Has Blizzard released a date yet?
  2. Has anyone started the beta which released last night. I did and was quite impressed I had a lot of fun. If anyone else is on XBONE my gamer tag is ScudGD82
  3. I'll be on tonight after work if you are on around 9pm est
  4. HCL? SCL? Classic? Where do you need for? Maybe I can help.
  5. Are we going to be making another Clan Mule. I'd def like to help out.
  6. Can a general please re enable I live in Orlando Florida we just got back power and internet. House has some damage from Hurricane Irma. I suggest you check on other members affected by the 2 previous hurricanes as well.
  7. He'll be back when D3 comes out so will many others which is coming sooner than expected i'd bet money on it
  8. i actually found this kinda amusing and thats cuz i needed a good laugh today i heard laughing is good for the soul or something of the sort but im reopening and moving this please put off topic stuff where it belongs next time
  9. Now thats a disclaimer if ive ever seen one kudos to the man of the day this is scudbarb and i approve this message
  10. this is in the water cooler while it may be in bad taste just please make sure you put a disclaimer here telling those that you do not condone this behavior i don't want anymore member going out and getting hurt we've had our fair share of deaths in the clan we don't need any more so just drive safely and you won't need anyone's advice rules are out there for a reason i will need to see a disclaimer before the end of the night or this thread is closed
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