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  1. I first heard of OD when BB was a general and joined shortly after he became Commander. I remember USwest being the straggler for OD. I recall people trying to get ODwest running but eventually everyone moved over to USEAST, Honestly, IMO all the USeast were always more populated so people just filled it up naturally so they could play with more people. Ha! I didn't make 3* when I was 11, By time I left in 2012 I left as a 3* general. No no no, when I was 12 years old I was a bit rambunctious in OD. I remember you slightly as well, we always had different main games If I recall. The reason I left was so members like you who wanted to be more involved within OD and help run the community could help evolve it. I felt at the time that a lot of generals and high ranking members did their part for OD in the past but stopped because either they lost interest or their lives got to busy. That wasn't a bad thing in itself but what it did was create a list of inactive generals and then the people who wanted to grow or help evolve the clan couldn't move up because all the positions were filled by inactive leaders. I did my time and contributed to the growth of the clan and once I stopped, I saw no reason for me to be a general anymore because I wasn't adding anything new to OD. Since I left in 2012 my life has changed quite dramatically as I transitioned into becoming an actual adult, it's pretty crazy to think who I was when I left OD to who I am now. Part of what I learned in OD such as helping run a community and taking leadership over certain aspects has shaped what I like to do in all of my work and career. It's blows my mind when I really think about it.
  2. Hi OD! I'm an ex 3* General that first joined OD around 2005. I was 11-12 years old back then and a pretty scrappy youngster. I'm now 24 and it always amazes me that I can be reminded of OD and feel such great nostalgia about my experience and time spent within the clan. (Good times and bad) It's something that I'm never able to quite explain to people in real life, different crowd I guess :). Anyways, I still play video games when I can, mainly OverWatch and Diablo 3 for the time being. Other than that, life is pretty decent. Hopefully some familiar faces still lurk around these parts, if you're one of them, hello!. If anyone has any Gossip or news about older members that I might now, It'd be great to hear about.
  3. What the fuck is this shit here? I don't believe it.
  4. Wow, you guys are losers. /edit Jesus, I just looked at mine.. 3677 days since I first joined..
  5. Yo Snickers, my dude, Prom is pretty lame, If any of your friends are having an after party, go to them, they'll be a lot more memorable.
  6. If I were to say one of the reasons I resigned from OD, It'd be because of this. I remember being young (and annoying) Joining OD when I was 11 or 12 years old, and it was one the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. I would link OD with what made me love gaming. I left and rejoined, left and rejoined, and left again, and rejoined again. I used to have a vision for OD, I wanted to recreate what I used to see in OD, an awesome community of people who would game, hang out, and have fun. I'm not going to front, I believe I could have been a commander if I stayed with OD, but even as a general, dealing with people, people in there own little cliques in this clan, it always annoyed me. I think this was one of the factors that drove me away, playing mediator between the cliques members would create, trying make everyone get along while being fair. I kept trying to create a sense of community within everyone, and having everyone want to make OD better, like if I lay the foundation, the members would build upon it and eventually it would self-sustain itself. Very seldom did other members share my enthusiasm for this, I always got the vibe of a "All of for one" mentality. I think eventually it made me not want to deal with it anymore, on top of work and school It just didn't seem worth it, I stopped coming on vent, I stopped playing with other members, I just wanted to enjoy gaming. I play games casually now a days, and I will admit, playing games without having a community to play with, it's not the same, it gets boring, I don't think I've joined a community since OD. Haha, I feel like I can think of OD as an ex-lover that I still love but know it won't work out. The sex was great, but everything else, meh. Anyways, in all this rambling, I think it's good that you guys hold on to what makes you love this community, I like to randomly check in to see how everything is going around here, this just happens to be a night i'm checking in
  7. I totally had a thread for this. http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/56558-tattoos-and-piercings/
  8. You only do solo queue or full team for personal reasons? Like if I asked you to explain why, would you start to break down and cry yelling "That's personal!"?
  9. I cannot believe you, I was so excited.
  10. Why is this a pinned topic? it literally makes no sense.
  11. I have decided not to get piercings because I don't feel they would look right on me; with that being said I am planning on getting at least one of my arms to be a full sleeve, but I do not want it to just be a mass collage of random tattoos, I kind of have an idea of the progression I want my sleeve to go, but nothing drawn out yet. Epic bro!!! I honestly was really happy when I seen you post I was like "gtfo, fluffums back" lol again, I'm really happy thou you stopped by. I hope everything is better when we last left off, and I look forward to seeing you make a full return back! =p I do believe everything is better now than when I left OD, with that being said, I have no intention in returning back. It would be a fruitless endeavor; with that being said, I do find myself with spare time every now and then, By all means, feel free to contact me.
  12. I honestly believe they still have a chance at winning Season 3 worlds.
  13. Hey guys, when time permits me, I occasionally play League of legends. Some of you have my info already, but if you would like to play a game sometime, add me @ MrFluffumwhisker
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