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  1. Frostyloops(OD)

    The Disappearance of Melrak

    Welcome back!
  2. Frostyloops(OD)

    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    Getting off early to stop and get her flowers and chocolate covered strawberries she loves. Then I will make her this BOMB chicken tortellini dish and veg out to some tv shows 🙂 Hope everyone has an awesome day!
  3. Frostyloops(OD)


    HELLO! What up guys, thanks for letting me join your home. I am 35 years old and just can't kick the old Hack N Slash life that is D2!! Its been a while since i have played but I can't get over how fun it is to get back in and slay dem demons! I look forward to being here and enjoying my time!