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    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    WOOT WOOT im the winner! Thanks guys 🙂 Can finally afford my enigma 😄
  2. Shade(OD)

    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    Hey everyone, I will be spending most of valentines day working. After work, I plan on having a romantic evening with the love of my life, Mary Jane. She is beautiful but sometimes offends other people with her skunky odor. I don't mind though because she can always cheer me up and make me laugh! I'm usually pretty sad when she is gone. 😞 But I know she is just a phone call away, and we are back together again 😉 Cheers! ~Shade
  3. Shade(OD)

    Shade(OD)'s FT List

    FOR TRADE LIST 450/348/34 MetalGrid Melee Ammy 202/20dex Raven Frost +2Dru/+3Shockwave/life/cold resist rare helm Gore Riders SnowClash 35% Chancies 40% WarTravs 3/13/14 Eschutas 29% Spirit Monarch ThunderStroke 3/178 4/5 cold facet Homonculus x2 35/14 Verdungos 7/14 String of Ears Highlords Ammy Wyrmhide Treachery assassin armor StormShield Jalals Mane Aldurs Weapon Aldurs Boots Aldurs Helm Mav Helm Tal Ammy Tal Belt Tal Mask IK Helm IK Gloves IK Belt IK Boots Trang'Oul Armor Key of Terror ISO: HR's, FG ----------------------------------------- USEAST SCL *Shade(OD)
  4. Shade(OD)

    Viral's Giveaway pt2!