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  1. KiloPico(OD)

    Playstation 2 to pc

    You can find the adapters on amazon for around 10 bucks, you might find them cheaper on aliexpress but I don't buy electronics from there.
  2. KiloPico(OD)

    Playstation 2 to pc

    Just need an adapter and then use joy2key to map the buttons.
  3. KiloPico(OD)


    Welcome to OD!
  4. KiloPico(OD)

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to this great group of individuals!
  5. KiloPico(OD)

    Cool Title, also Catchy and Original

    Yeah, I am pretty old compared to the general age of gamers! And the entire Ultima series before UO was also amazing.
  6. KiloPico(OD)

    Cool Title, also Catchy and Original

    I did a minor in psychology with my bachelors in business and I had a hard time with the minor alone, I could never imagine doing it as a degree. You seem to have the perfect personality to be the one out there helping people with problems, so thank you for doing that.
  7. Being a new player to the game I have a lot to learn and it would be handy if someone did a handholding in what I need to be doing to benefit the guild. I am currency level 52 and grinding towards 56 so I can begin the real grind but I was wanting to know if there was something I can do while I am leveling that benefits everyone as a whole. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, Like everyone else who posts in this section, I am new to the community. My very first online game was alpha testing for Ultima Online, oh how I miss the original UO. My fondest memories are laid to rest but maybe I can make replacements here! I have recently started playing BDO and have been enjoying myself and the OD community there has made it all the better. If that small group sets the standard then I know I am going to be a part of a cool collection of people. I have already read the massive info post which contains any information anyone could ever need about how OD works, what OD expects and also what OD grants in return. I recently went back to college to get a degree in a second field. I obtained by MBA from UK in 2005 and have decided I also want a BSE in mechanical and electrical engineering. School has changed a lot in those years, the cost sure has gone up!