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  1. xerxa(OD)


    nvm got one thanks 😃
  2. xerxa(OD)


    Looking for a Grusher and a bumper to get my hammerdin rolling, I can rush for rush no problem. -Ryan
  3. xerxa(OD)

    Water resource management

  4. xerxa(OD)

    Water resource management

    Hey Badboi I found your reply very informative and with good depth and reasoning, thank you for posting the water usage graph its very useful. I cant wait to hear what you have to say MelodicRose.
  5. xerxa(OD)

    Water resource management

    Hello, I would like to see multiple opinions on these three questions, and your responses. 1. Explain how surface water and ground water are connected and interaction through the seasons. 2. How is water used in agriculture and how does this ultimately influence water resources? 3. What do you feel is Michigan's agriculture most vital water resource, why is it important and how should it be protected?
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    Thank you Badboi, I hope you have a good weekend.
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    Thank you Dunn I'm glad to be here!
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    Cindy Im glad to meet you. I play D2 i am also xerxa on there. I will see you around.
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    My name is Ryan, I am 27 years old and spent 6 years in the US Army as a medic. I am out now and in the Michigan State University agriculture program. Ive been playing video games since i was just a little boy starting with old school D1 and warcraft 1-2. I am looking forward to hearing and meeting all of you. Have a wonderful weekend. -Ryan