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  1. Unitaro(OD)

    Writing contest winners!

    Oh wow!!! I won!!! WWOOOHHOOOO!!!!!!
  2. Unitaro(OD)

    WINNERS - Clan Awards - January 2019

    Congrats all !!!!
  3. HERE WITH OD Here with OD I have found a family, It started with Will and Muskie; Now there's Kami, Skribbz,& Pops to name a few, And being here there is always something to do; You can find a helping hand night or day, Always someone to help you in anyway; So I now think of OD as more than a Clan, Heck its my gamers Family Plan !!!
  4. Unitaro(OD)

    Hello All

    Unitaro(OD) Here just wanted to say hello to all and thank you for accepting me in the trial period hope to play with lots of you in game!!!!