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  1. B(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    A Mancatcher is already an elite spear sadly. Won't be able to be upgraded: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/elite/spears.shtml Not super familiar with barbs, what type are ya? IAS/Max Dmg sounds like a good choice for WW.
  2. B(OD)


    If I can grab my other two friends who used to play, maybe I'll convince them to make A(OD) and D(OD). 😂
  3. B(OD)


    Glad to see you decided to join!
  4. B(OD)

    Hello All

    Welcome to the community! Hope to see you on Diablo 2!
  5. B(OD)

    Happy New years.

    That sucks. Found out I had a screw in my tire a few weeks ago. Walked out and the tire was flat. Hope 2019 is better to ya!
  6. B(OD)

    Do you guys respec a lot?

    Hardly ever, but that's because I stick to cookie cutter builds that I know. If I am leveling solo I will typically level a certain spec and then respec once later on to my end game spec.
  7. B(OD)


    Welcome to the community. Appreciate the normal rush earlier today. Good luck on your trial.
  8. B(OD)

    Happy Holidays

    Here's a link to the Water Cooler. Maybe one of the staff will move it for you though. Regardless, Merry Christmas to you as well.
  9. B(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    Nice walk through Morgoth. Are you doing this on single player /8? Or on battle.net?
  10. B(OD)

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas Sassy
  11. B(OD)


    Thanks Redvaine
  12. B(OD)


    Thanks everyone. Won't be on much today, closing on a house. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.
  13. B(OD)


    Howdy! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Just starting back on Diablo 2, I'll be in channel playing Softcore Ladder. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks Adam for recruiting me.