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  1. @Aerineth(OD) yea the latter. i cant post up any status updates on my profile like "writing on my wall". i dont see it on the right side of the forum. other then start new topic. i wonder how others are posting stuff on their page
  2. awesome~! thx @Purplez(OD) i would like to put up my status from time to time. i always wondered why i couldnt on my profile~ haha
  3. Hope im in the right place. How do i get to do a status update in this forum? i can see others doing it. but i cant . haha
  4. but really, i think Brienne and Jamie Lanister will die. also think arya stark will die or the guy she slept with will die. or else that scene wouldnt really have mattered for me haha. theon , and a bunch of other notable characters will die. list can go on n on
  5. dammit i missed ya in channel again!  lol

    1. Sassy


      Aww I’m sorry junior but it was absolutely dead never seen it like that , so logged off twice been on today even ts yet again was dead thought I’d play for a bit as I’m not back to work until Wednesday night guess d2 not the place to be atm ❤️

  6. everyone will die except john snow the ruler of the 7 kingdoms!
  7. JR(OD)

    On game

    enjoying the fishing weather~ lucky..... any new catch? go for the record!!!
  8. haha i would like one too plz haha
  9. JR(OD)

    Happy Easter

    chocolate? easter = chocolate? i never knew that hahahaa. guess going to church every easter sunday year after year, i rarely see chocolates or bunnies on easter haha. only egg toys for lil kids. lol i want chocolate! woulda kept me awake during sunday service! hahahaha its normally the same sermon year after year or some a variation of the same message :) hope u guys enjoyed ur easter~
  10. thx! wow. when i first looked at it. i thought i was looking at diablo's face for a second... playing too much d2 lately hahaha but yea. that looks wicked!
  11. JR(OD)

    On game

    i was on! but im at work and i replied back to you but then u were gone haha. yea. its been pretty dead as of late.... im always on and bored playing alone haha. most of the active players are trying out other games or in game at night time~ also its been pretty hard recruiting these days as not many ppl are on playing or following runs. only regulars are following or comin back, but not many new faces joining. thats why ive been walking more with other members and solo play in pub to try to find new recruits hahaha, in doing so, ive been more into classic these days ;D
  12. Welcome to the family Josh~ glad to have u here! let us know if u ever need help with anything!
  13. is there suppose to be a picture? i dont see it T__T
  14. JR(OD)

    Happy Easter

    happy easter every1!!
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