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  1. JR(OD)

    Viral's Giveaway pt2!

    grats purple! we shoulda have traded numbers :D
  2. JR(OD)


    welcome dan~ saw u in my runs before :) dont forget to keep ur dsl low :) c u in the games~
  3. JR(OD)

    Recruiting Guide:

    oh is that how u spell it? 😉
  4. JR(OD)

    Viral's Giveaway pt2!

    actually ill take my favorite number 8!
  5. JR(OD)

    Purplez's Scavenger Hunt

    HERE! FINISHED! confirmed with Purplez! Got most of it past tuesday with the gruop :) and got a couple with others in game on my ssf from moists event :) and last piece with purplez just a few moments ago :D hope thats correct :) WOOT! my first event win!
  6. JR(OD)

    Purplez's Scavenger Hunt

    i just need a stupid grand charm. why did u log off? i was so lonely after u left 😞 and found those antlers and everything else but the damn Grand Charm.....
  7. JR(OD)

    Purplez's Scavenger Hunt

    ive been hunting harder 🙂
  8. JR(OD)

    Introducing Myself

    hey Lusius~ welcome to OD :) make sure to keep a low dsl and mingle around in game with others and help out whenever possible ~ TS3 helps too :) hope u pass the trial period!
  9. JR(OD)

    Hey guys

    Shade~~~ hows everything going? getting along with the others alright? anyone giving you a hard time? x) welcome to OD , ur officially a member!
  10. ddo ddo do do dooo~~~ baby shark! thanks ray~
  11. JR(OD)

    SSF Challenge 1/21/2019-2/22/2019

    OD-JRssf Insert other media
  12. JR(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    great read! makes me wanna try and give it go as well .
  13. JR(OD)

    Hi. Im Viral. :)

    hi viral~ welcome back~ 🙂
  14. JR(OD)

    New blizzard emails, weird

    did u set up email on your acct? yup. you'll be fine~