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  1. kuvall(OD)

    January Ladder

    mr_kron(Od) vs Kuvall(OD) Kron won 3/2 also no longer using psn necro sold him off using a hdin now
  2. kuvall(OD)

    January Ladder

    i just joined so im open and ready for challenges if anybody wants to fight
  3. kuvall(OD)

    January Ladder

    challenge whoever psn necro named OD-Rekt i challenge Mr_kon(OD)
  4. kuvall(OD)

    January Ladder

    would like to challenge
  5. kuvall(OD)

    HCCL Crusher Contest

    i wouldn't mind giving this a shot
  6. kuvall(OD)

    ODM New Town

    yes i designed the game lol there are links on the other forums ill post a new link once the new town is fully integrated and thanks guys
  7. kuvall(OD)

    ODM New Town

    for downloading get the demo from the last post this is the development of the new town eventually it will replace the old town let me know what you guys think
  8. kuvall(OD)

    What's up OD members

    welcome to the fam rob
  9. kuvall(OD)

    ODM New Version

    think i fucked the donation link up here is a better one https://paypal.me/ODMinion
  10. kuvall(OD)

    ODM New Version

    hello guys so i have created a new update adding sassy(OD)'s character to the town i will link that below but also i would like to ask for donations even 50 cents could go along way in modeling i need some new model's and environments so please help if not that's cool to thanks for supporting me and the clan creating this beautiful world where someday we could all be seen playing well basically diablo 2 the way it was suppose to be done updates include runes,gems socketable items, and more i will be working on a skill tree system for the next few days or so if anybody has any ideas for certain skills they would like seen in the game i would love to give it a shot i have over 1000 particle systems and i can create a lot more below is the new version of ODM as well as a donations link thanks for all the help you guys rock paypal.me/ODMinion https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9hm4503b41vub7g/AAAAqvrTWGhE0hpYjWAZ1WCya?dl=0
  11. kuvall(OD)

    OD Minions new demo ready

    thank you this is really just the systems at work basic line for the code the real build will be done using atavism around 20k+ poly models so basically picture this game only 1000% better looking today i am working on a lobby so we can integrate channels like in diablo 2
  12. kuvall(OD)

    OD Minions new demo ready

    lol yeah...
  13. kuvall(OD)

    OD Minions new demo ready

    you can watch a setup video here if your having trouble setup video
  14. kuvall(OD)

    OD Minions new demo ready

    if you download it and it unzip to a useless file u cant open its because its a winrar file you can get winrar here https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm