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  1. mr_kron(Od) vs Kuvall(OD) Kron won 3/2 also no longer using psn necro sold him off using a hdin now
  2. i just joined so im open and ready for challenges if anybody wants to fight
  3. challenge whoever psn necro named OD-Rekt i challenge Mr_kon(OD)
  4. would like to challenge
  5. yes i designed the game lol there are links on the other forums ill post a new link once the new town is fully integrated and thanks guys
  6. for downloading get the demo from the last post this is the development of the new town eventually it will replace the old town let me know what you guys think
  7. welcome to the fam rob
  8. think i fucked the donation link up here is a better one https://paypal.me/ODMinion
  9. hello guys so i have created a new update adding sassy(OD)'s character to the town i will link that below but also i would like to ask for donations even 50 cents could go along way in modeling i need some new model's and environments so please help if not that's cool to thanks for supporting me and the clan creating this beautiful world where someday we could all be seen playing well basically diablo 2 the way it was suppose to be done updates include runes,gems socketable items, and more i will be working on a skill tree system for the next few days or so if anybody has any ideas for certain skills they would like seen in the game i would love to give it a shot i have over 1000 particle systems and i can create a lot more below is the new version of ODM as well as a donations link thanks for all the help you guys rock paypal.me/ODMinion https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9hm4503b41vub7g/AAAAqvrTWGhE0hpYjWAZ1WCya?dl=0
  10. thank you this is really just the systems at work basic line for the code the real build will be done using atavism around 20k+ poly models so basically picture this game only 1000% better looking today i am working on a lobby so we can integrate channels like in diablo 2
  11. you can watch a setup video here if your having trouble setup video
  12. if you download it and it unzip to a useless file u cant open its because its a winrar file you can get winrar here https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
  13. ok so the current demo is now up for grabs i dont really know how to use drop box but ill figure it out here is the link to the game https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6qig0qayvzf8tl/ODM WEB.rar?dl=0 step 1 . click the link step 2 .on the right upper corner click download do not move through the files just click download step 3 .unzip the entire file if you only unzip the exe the game will not work step 4 .click the exe with the sword icon and a menu will pop up you can run in windows if you would like select your graphics display should be 1 unless multiple monitors step 5 .click play! step 6. type in any name and password do not click login that is for server host click server and play step 7. bottom right click create select your name and class then click create step 8. click on the character you just made then click play and your in the game to teleport to dungeon talk to Pops(OD) and select teleport Beware as the random bandit is very strong * if you are not in the game yet i will get to you *
  14. guys im going to setup a drop box for not only downloading the independent client for the game as i will soon be running in atavism doing a 4k build this will make the game look more like skyrim with world of warcraft futures meaning making it html is now out of the question i pretty much passed the 1gb file size limit anyways cant make a great game with limitations but the drop box can be used for more then just the game download i could use some voices for the npcs so if you want some custom sound on your npc record your self saying basic phrases like "how may i help you" "could you use any assistance" "leave me the fuck alone" ( idk be creative ) once the drop box is live you will be able to get on the site with the link i provide and upload your voices also i would appreciate any feed back as well as recommendations this is a clan project i could use all the ideas you can throw at me i will list the systems already created Systems: summoning skill customizable * this means the sky's the limits attack customizable * this means the sky's the limits mounting system inventory questing guild's group's instances traveling including- teleporting - mounts please give me some ideas on some builds you would like to see so far we have warrior/archer those are subject to change as i start using higher poly mesh 3d models already included in the game with od in mind Pops(OD) - merchant, quester, teleport to dungeon Purplez(OD) -merchant, quester, teleport to town Sassy(OD) - customized sword with shop and custom logo i will be continuing to add material if you choose to have something special like a piece of gear, shrine or anything you can think of please let me know and i will make it happen
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