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  1. If that isn't the name you registered with you may have to contact an officer to request a name change from them.
  2. Well if your offering I may take you up on that 😄 https://www.google.com/search?q=blackmill&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjA9fGBwpThAhXsSt8KHVM5AWcQ_AUIDygC&biw=2560&bih=1288#imgrc=gZny-PpmTu3G6M: That picture if possible :) v3n0m(OD) font & what not you can be creative
  3. I feel like a Ray interviewing Ray would be absolutely hysterical :P I enjoy all of them though so whoever it ends up being is good stuff.
  4. It should get worked out if you continue to message them etc. At any rate sometimes a small break is what everyone needs so take the time you need, maybe get back into D2 some :)
  5. How can't they prove it's your account? Don't you have the information you signed up with? I've had accounts get hacked before but I've always been able to get them back. If you need a break though you need a break, hope to have you back soon.
  6. Probably not but they could have given him more than they gave Harper. Ultimately he loves it in LA and he's an old school player who wants to be one place his entire career. Very happy for the guy, being a Phillies fan though of course a little upset. I think the angels felt threatened but it got the deal done, smart for both sides.
  7. It is a pretty intensive game on the pc, what are you currently running? If you upgrade in the future we'd love to have you.
  8. <--- Huge baseball fan...best sport imo. I'd be down to join the league if we had enough people interested. Super excited about Bryce Harper joining my Phillies...and now super sad that Mike Trout just signed an extension.
  9. Addict...collector, splitting hairs here aren't we? 😄
  10. I will do the same, might even reinstall it haha. I was never good at those games but the custom games like Evolves etc.
  11. Always sad to see a fellow member, especially someone in a leadership role leave the clan. Everyone has their reasons and we should all respect yours, hopefully we cross paths at some point down the road, take care Skribbzz.
  12. Anyone getting it? I am super excited for this one and for those who may not have seen it yet...
  13. Oh my what is happening right now haha
  14. Not that I know of but I'd consider re-installing and playing some.
  15. Ya definitely depends what it's for, so many things come to mind.
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