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  1. v3n0m(OD)

    Our next interviewee will be...Townkill(OD)!

    Ask him who he's rooting for at the Chongqing Major since OG isn't there, and if his answer is anything but EG we can't be friends lol
  2. v3n0m(OD)

    A wild BaoTheWyld(OD) has appeared.

    Welcome to the clan! I'm turning 32 myself in a few months, but I'm already struggling to remember how old I am so who really knows...
  3. v3n0m(OD)

    Join leveling group for Season 16 Start?

    Stopped around 47 tonight so if there are any others behind and would like to pick it up tomorrow hit me up :)
  4. v3n0m(OD)

    Join leveling group for Season 16 Start?

    I will probably be on for the start of the season also if we need to make a few groups for leveling. v3n0m#1637
  5. v3n0m(OD)

    Resident Evil 2

    Anyone planning on playing the RE2 remake? Easily my favorite Resident Evil outside of the multiplayers, so happy they're remaking it! I may or may not even stream it if anyone is interested :)
  6. v3n0m(OD)

    Member Behind the Mic Suggestions

    Likewise :)
  7. v3n0m(OD)

    Join leveling group for Season 16 Start?

    I will definitely be around if people want to group up to lvl and what not.
  8. v3n0m(OD)

    Plans for New Season?

    I think I'm going to go Necro, maybe support we'll see.
  9. v3n0m(OD)

    OD Battle Royale

    Hahaha! I just want some people to play them with, chicken dinners are tasty but the build-up is where all the fun is at.
  10. v3n0m(OD)


    Welcome to the clan! As Purplez said thank you for your service
  11. v3n0m(OD)


    Welcome to the clan!
  12. v3n0m(OD)

    OD Battle Royale

    I haven't seen if anyone here is really into any of the BR's currently on the market. I play a lot of Ring of Elysium and wouldn't mind getting back into PUBG's if there are other people here playing. The randoms I get make some of the games so miserable lol. Hit me up if anyone is wanting to play any of those with me :)
  13. v3n0m(OD)

    Hello All

    Welcome to the clan Unitaro!
  14. v3n0m(OD)

    Plans for New Season?

    Definitely hit me up whenever :)
  15. v3n0m(OD)

    OD Movie Challenge!

    Sooo the animated one is crazy easy