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  1. Happy birthday!


  2. happy birthday Kayleigh hope you have a great day hun and Dave spoils you ❤️❤️

    1. Ray(OD)


      Wow I can't believe you two share birthdays! 

  3. Skiwi(OD)

    Awesome Party Music Thread

    @Sassy That's awesome! Thank you!
  4. 😂🤣😂


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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      which one the confederation bridge ? that ones pretty tall

    3. Sassy


      Any would do as long as he’s goes off if for his stupid msg to myself in Welsh 

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      he spoke welsh what a monster thats as bad as speaking french

  5. Skiwi(OD)

    Awesome Party Music Thread

    Ooooh - That's a good one!
  6. Skiwi(OD)

    Awesome Party Music Thread

    Are you super addicted to parties? Do you love listening to awesome jams? Do you have the urge to dance and need a super lit song to dance to? Are you throwing a stellar cheeseburger picnic and need some popin' tunes? (Trailer Park Boys Reference) Well, you're in the right place! Post a YouTube video linking to the song if you'd like to share a sick beat! OR Listen 'till your party animal has been tamed! To get things started - Here is a 10HR long loop of a classic. 😎
  7. Watching Cooking Show W/Bae on YouTube:

    Slum(OD) - "Those eggs are so frothy."

    Me - "Yeah, they got their asses kicked."

    Slum(OD) - "What?"

    Me - "Yeah, they got beat." ☠️



    P.S -


    If you see this - I hope you're proud. 😎

  8. I just want to thank my beeb Slum(OD) for getting a fancy signature made for me! 😍 I lub it!


  9. Kayleighhhhhhhhhhh 

    holdthedoor lol 😂