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  1. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    @MERICA(OD) Accepted
  2. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    @SuNSeT im warmed up n waiting....
  3. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    @SuNSeT, im eating now then ill be on, lil tipsy but its on!!!
  4. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    I challenge @SuNSeT
  5. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    trap sin Aleworks
  6. Ipa(od)

    January Ladder

    can I sign up
  7. Ipa(od)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    I’ll be any kind of sorc so sign me up
  8. Ipa(od)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    I would like to join or start a team for scl. I’ll be going sorc element will decide on whose doing what
  9. Ipa(od)

    New. IPA(OD)

    New member to OD. Currently active duty military (9 years). Most enjoyables is my truck and the gym. Nice to meet y’all