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  1. Kraxe(OD)

    Hello OD

    Thanks man! I’ve always been a water dog Yall should add me /f a Kraxe(OD)
  2. Kraxe(OD)

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome my dude! Shoot me a msg some time and let’s kill things /f a Kraxe(OD)
  3. Kraxe(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    ah, i figured it was something like that. XD
  4. Kraxe(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    What the fuck is a trolly
  5. Kraxe(OD)

    Hello OD

    thanks and more thanks! really enjoying it so far ^^
  6. Kraxe(OD)

    fishing season is coming up, lets see some catches!

    Not a huge one but a few days ago lake Leon texas
  7. Kraxe(OD)

    Hello OD

    thanks dudes! hello nutjob cereal
  8. Kraxe(OD)

    Hello OD

    Thanks purplez! Thanks for the links; looking forward to playing video games
  9. Kraxe(OD)

    Hello OD

    Joined yesterday, recruited by Attitude(OD) whats up people!? Let’s kill things together