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  1. im signing up but im not sure at 100% that i can make it depend on what time i finish work but if i am home b4 5 pm ill be in
  2. are we allow to transfter stuff or only use what we found in game?
  3. |OMG im lost and drunk good thread tho !!😁
  4. nice work budd keep it up
  5. i understand merica cuz i talk to purplez about somrthing i was sad cuz i dont u use TS but im very active on game 2 ppl that i know that was not a a lot acvtive on the game but was active on TS and that got recruit after me got they promo to warrant officer b4 me but guess what idc now im just tryng to help OD fellas i just feel that its more of a social clan than a game clan but that my opinion and evry body have right to have his opinion hope to see u soon merica !!!
  6. my sweet sweet precious enigma it mine!!!!! me precious!!!!!!😂 here you go that why !
  7. yea i love walking instead of getting grush when i get grush and h ell chaos till lvl 60 and then baal it kind of boring
  8. SoByakusho(OD)

    GRush SCL

    i got one right now a secon soon yea i love making bumper 😄
  9. im bringing my girlfriend to a sushi restaurant ( she dont eat meat but she eat fish ) then ill give her some flower with some seed i brought (she love plant ) and the seed are for a japaneese bonsai tree with blue leaf then when we will be home ill give her a foot massage with some candle on and then ...... im gonna give her the D 🙂
  10. im in just need my necro lvl 40 to lvl up and get rush
  11. im down i have off on evry tuestday and wednesday so can be there ll day or evry other day can be there at 6-7 pm on east time
  12. i iso a crush i wanted to start a classic char so i will have 1 classic ladder 1 scl and 1 hcl toon i have already 3 char scl tho
  13. SoByakusho(OD)

    GRush SCL

    hcl i would love to be in and finish work at 2 so ill be home rdy for like 5 pm till 9 pm
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