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  1. kaesar(OD)

    Reset Team - Late Start

    Im available every night except on 11 and 12 of december
  2. kaesar(OD)

    Some ladder reset tips

    Very complete guide. thx man.
  3. kaesar(OD)

    Reset Team - Late Start

    Im very interested. I want to make a classic char to do crushes. I can take the roll of barb. At what hour will you start? I want to be sure ill be back at home from work in time.
  4. kaesar(OD)

    Reset Team Names

    Hello ppl. first reset in the clan. What exactly is a top gun name? Looks like fun.
  5. kaesar(OD)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Its my first reset in the clan so im not very familiar with reset teams and such but ill be glad to support the clan. Ill be playing that day later on. i can be light/cold sorc or a barb. just let me know whats needed.
  6. kaesar(OD)

    Happy to join

    Hello everyone. It's my pleasure to join this clan. I had the oportunity to meet some of you and im sure i'll get to know more ppl as we play. Im not that great of a player of D2 but if i can help let me know.