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  1. VooDoozz(OD)

    Team Speak

    can someone make a new guide on how to use team speak?
  2. VooDoozz(OD)

    I Feel like making a d2 challenge....

    oh sry! we will re-do my challenge........how about tomorrow at 8pm?
  3. VooDoozz(OD)

    I Feel like making a d2 challenge....

    ok maybe that was a little soon to post.....no one has responded so same challenge tomorrow night at 9pm eastern time! I just wanna have some fun so send me some responses and let me know if ya guys want to join! Thanks!!! im not participating....I just wanna help some1 out with an easy sur rune!
  4. up to 7 players(full game) Meet me in game VooDoo1///1 at 10:30 Eastern Time! Bring a fresh new character sc ladder! first 1 to hit lvl 7 wins a sur rune! my first challenge! an easy sur rune if you guys are interested!
  5. VooDoozz(OD)

    Need Perfect Dracs

    offering Hr