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  1. KingDD(OD)

    Having Slow Wifi ?? This may help!

    I didnt post all that stuff about using comand prompt and mess
  2. KingDD(OD)

    Having Slow Wifi ?? This may help!

    Also if you are using WiFi connection some providers such as charter cable cut the WiFi connection by 50%. a work around for this is to clone your PC mac address in your router. This way it tricks the Modem in thinking its straight wired to the PC.
  3. KingDD(OD)

    Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    I personally use MalwareBytes and CCleaner, for manual scans, If you have windows 8 or newer I suggest using windows defender for live blocking and it has a decent firewall built into it. but the best firewall is built into your router and most modems.
  4. KingDD(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

    Ok Ty for clarifying that I thought logging into the forum was same as logging into the website. Guess there separate. 🙂
  5. KingDD(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

    ok that must be it. I didnt even know that was possible lol. learn something new every day lol. what would my rank be? yea i just learned i miss understood you my bad. working on fixing that now.
  6. KingDD(OD)

    Bussy Day today

    Hey everyone. I went for my disability hearing today in Wilmington, NC. Went to the beach while we was so close. Spent some time with my Daughter and youngest Grand Daughter and Wife. I think the hearing went good, so hopefully i will be getting some money coming in where i can get a normal internet connection. Happy Gaming. Also does anyone play Wurm Online? https://www.wurmonline.com/
  7. KingDD(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

    Hello everyone. Was told by someone that they could not see my profile info. Was wondering if anyone else can see it. It shows for me and was wondering if i did something wrong or whats going on with it. Also at the moment i am using a metered connection with a cell phone hot spot, so i cant use any voice apps like team speak and others. I'm hoping in the next few months to get a dsl or cable connection. Also I wanted to say that the reason i wanted to join OD is in D2 everyone that i played with, with the OD tag was very nice and helpful to me, and just want to say thank you for all the help.
  8. Its ok the sun will rise in the morning

    If it don't then what your worrying about will be the least of your worries

  9. KingDD(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

    Ty for all the welcomes. Yeah i got the account thing straight will add you in d2 and send you a fm @WillTurnip(OD)
  10. KingDD(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

    My name is Daniel everyone calls me Dan or DD I enjoy playing D2 I'm 55 years old will turn 56 April 26 I'm Happily married and have 3 Children grown and have children of there own I have 5 Grand Children